Monday, October 28, 2013

So random cool thing. We went this little place by Notre Dame to eat before Sacré Cœur, and to meet up with Sœur MacKay (my MTC comp) so that she could talk, and there were other sister missionaries there. So we got to all eat together, 8 sisters missionaries. It was pretty awesome. We had lots of fun, and the food was pretty awesome. Its like the missionary hangout in Paris, because you can get a panini and crêpe and drink for 5 euros, so its pretty awesome.
This week was pretty good, learning to teach with 3 in an équip is not easy though. So we are still all adjusting, and Sœur Bernhardt is getting up the courage to actually talk. There are actually shy French people, who knew? But we are slowly but steadily getting into synch. Although let me tell you, I already knew French people do things different, but I didn't realize to what extent, man French people are so different from Americans. haha And transfers are next week and we have no idea what will happen since we have Soeur Bernhardt, so it will be interesting to see.
We had some cool experience, and some sad ones this week. One of the awesome ones was I was teaching Nalde. She is one of our amis with a baptism date. She's super awesome.....but she doesn't speak French or English really, so sometimes is hard, we always need a translator. So I was teaching her with a translator, and Soeurs Walker and Bernhardt were somewhere else teaching. Anywho, we got to the end of the lesson and I finished explaining and bore my testimony and invited her to be baptised, AND SHE UNDERSTOOD!!! So awesome. The translator didn't even need to say anything. And Nalde said yes. And we have had tons of lessons where when the spirit is really strong she understands what we are saying without someone translating. Its really really cool you guys. She's super awesome, just having a really hard time right now, but I love her.
So that's my cool story for the week. Keep being strong and awesome, love you guys so much, and miss you.

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