Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I think this picture says everything about my week. :) 
Its winter here in France. That means that as missionaries get up to go out you put on your leggings, then your scarfs, next goes hats (yes I had to buy hats, its apparently a rule). Giant coats go on after the hats, and then you put your boots on, but not before you wrap your feet in trash bags so that the water doesn't get through your boots and soak your feet. Then you nicely put on your gloves. After you have all the battle gear you leave your apartement, to do what? BAPTIZE PEOPLE!!!
So like no big deal, but Soeur Obel was baptised!!!!!!!! So so so so awesome! Each companionship in our city had a baptism yesterday. It was so sweet. And totally stressful, and totally awesome.
Soeur Obel has been a long time running to be baptized. It's been a 12 year story, and I don't know why the Lord let me be here for her baptism, because seriously I did nothing, it was all her and the Lord. But it's so awesome. And its so awesome watching someone you love, that you have worked so hard for go under those waters. It was a pretty awesome day.
I just don't have much else to say for the week. I feel like the picture should say everything else to you guys. :) Love you all, keep being awesome.


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