Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Bastille Day!!!! It was pretty cool. They flew jets all over Paris. When I walked out of the metro I first thought the city was being bombed. haha But no, just patriasm.

I'm glad to be in Paris today, to be quite honest, i've been home sick for France, never thought that would happen. Belgium is great, but I miss France. As a citizen of the French Republic I feel I am betraying my country by becoming a citizen of Belgium. Plus the Belge have weird accents, and count numbers differently, I dont like it. 

The ward is really different too. So in Belgium EVERYTHING is in 3 language, because people there cant just speak one. So there are even 3 plaques on the church, each in different language. And the ward switches off each week what language sacrament is done in. SO wierd!!! So for the first time in 15 months I sang sacrament hymns in English....not going to lie, I messed up some words. And I had to give a talk in sacrament, in English......could have gone better.....haha

I wasn't aware, but it turns out that me and Soeur Denning are white washing into Bruxelles. The sisters were taken out a little bit ago, because they had a serious emergency and one got sent home, so the ward has been without sisters. Suffice it to say everyone in the ward was very happy to have sisters back. But as I learned from Mulhouse, its not easy to white wash a ville. The sisters had 2 amis here, so we are doing a lot of building the amis pool here, which should be fun. Finding, finding, finding. Nothing happens in missionary work until you find.
But the ward has some recent converts that are really great. One is a woman with 3 kids. Her and the oldest son got baptized, and they are so adorable. The oldest son, Bruno, it just 8 and he reads his scriptures everyday. He can already tell me the scripture stories, love it. She speaks Portuguese, so he has to translate for the missionaries, and he does really well. They are adorable.
So as we are in Paris I have limited emailing time. :( Sorry!!!! So that's it, and i'll talk to y'all next week!! Love ya!

Soeur Jackso

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