Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello everyone. This will be short because my emails are coming to end, and I just realized that I actually forgot to write my mass email this week....awkward.....
Anywho, this week was really good. We are starting to get to know the members better, and visit with them. So far i've had tea with a Russian. Salad with a huge army german family. Visited with a lady from Pakistan. Played with some Irish babies. Ate sloppy joes with some Americans. Chassed some Italian kids around the chapel. And finally had lamb with some Belges. This is why they call this ward, the Bruxelles 1 ward, the international ward. It helps that NATO is in my area. So we have all the huge army people in our ward, its cool. Its less Africans than France, but more of everything else. But that hasn't stopped me from seeing MANY Africans also. Its a nice life.
We had a really bittersweet experience with a lady on the street. We were completely lost and walking down some streets looking for a bus we had to take to a rendez-vous that we were already late for. So eventually we decided that we needed to ask someone. So we went up to this nice looking African lady and asked her for directions. She ask who we were, and we said our church name and she gasped, covered her mouth and got tears in her eyes. And she was all 'I didn't know the church was here! I didn't know!' So apparently back in Africa she has a lot of members of her family that are part of the church, and even two nephews on missions. She has a Book of Mormon that she loves and left back in Africa. It was so beautiful to see the joy on her face.
But then came the bitter moment. Her husband is Muslim and she has to hide from him that she is Christian. So we weren't able to fix a rendez-vous with her, but we left her with a brochure, and our number if she is ever able to meet with us.
I know your thinking, well this is sad why is this the story I chose to share this week. And I will tell you why, because of course we taught other lessons that I could share. But I wanted to talk about K├ębibi because 1, i'm convinced she'll make it into the celestial kingdom. And 2, I have never felt so much pure joy (and afterwards heartbreak) as I did when I saw her reaction to our plaques. Her face was the face of someone looking at angels, she was so happy. And we left her with a prayer, and I don't know how many times she told us thank you for that simple act. It really was a beautiful moment for me and Soeur Denning, to see that even though she cant at this moment accept the gospel she still believes in Jesus Christ. And it makes me think that there are many out there like her, that one day will be saved, because they just didn't have the choice. In short, do temple work because there is so much hope. haha
I love you all!! And I hope you all have an awesome week!!!!
Love, Soeur Jackson

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