Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alright, so I have made it to P-day yet again, I guess that a good thing.  this last week has been crazy, tons of things happen everyday i'll try to share them all with you. It's pretty crazy, great at some times, awful at others. So let me tell you a big about what has been happening.
We have had some super good devotionals, they are probably the best part because you can forget for a minute about having to learn an impossible language. One was with Gerald N. Lund and he was way good, he talked about revelation. It was sweet, I got tons of notes from it. He talked about how guidance from the Lord was often a quiet a whispering feelings and impressions, and the reason the Lord does this and not grand gestures or just tell you right out, is to protect our agency. That was cool.
The trip to San Fran was good in a lot of ways, and bad in some. We had to wake up super early, which wasn't bad because everyone was excited to get out. I got to sit next to Elder Jacobson (the kid in the pictures), which was good, he's our district leader and he sat and talked to me for as long as I wanted. haha and the French consulate was very nice to us, apparently they are just so used to dealing with the missionaries. Then we got to do a bunch of sight seeing, I will try to send pictures but I am not sure how to properly use the MTC computers, they are evil. But then we had to go home and we got home to the Salt Lake Airport before 8 o'clock, and guess what?!
They forgot us.
It was the most ridiculous thing ever. So we sat at the airport for hours and hours and hours. And then didn't get back to the MTC until way past lights out, and the next day was awful. So that was not the best thing ever. But the people at the airport were really nice and came and talked to us, and some guys bought us some pizza around 9, and it was literally the best thing that I have ever had.
Me and my companion are still getting along well, we had one bad day but then had a companion inventory where we hashed it out and got it taken care of. A lot of the girls in our room are super struggling right now, all with way different things, so their is a lot of crying. One burst into tears in the middle of class and the teacher had to take her outside and talk to her. So after that experience the Elders noticed something was going on with us, and they awkwardly came into the room one day and said they would love to give anyone of us a blessing if we needed it, and then awkwardly shuffled back out. It was really cute, and an sincere offer. And i think it was good for the girls to realize that they aren't alone, and the Lord gave them 4 men who are watching over them and want to help them.
Both my teachers are awesome, but in totally different ways. Frere Blosil is way funny, but can be intimidating and down to buisness. He's always smiling though, and just wants to help. And we just got our second teacher! And you'll never guess who she is, our first investigator Dominique. Her name is really Soeur Larsen, she is was nice. She is just this small (smaller than me) girl, and she shares a ton of spiritual experiences from her mission and just tries to help each of us. They are both really great. I feel aweful some of the time because I just struggle sometimes with the language. I would like to pick it up a bit faster than I am.
I've had a little bit of a fever that keeps coming and going, and it's been giving me a bit of issues with concentrating and doing a few things, but i'm sure it will be gone soon.
Today wiill be a very interesting day. So France is who makes us go to San Fran to in person apply for your visa, but it is Belgium that is the true evil. I have to get a physical, where they take a lot of blood, and best of all! A stool sample! Because Belgium people are crazy. I just have to keep telling myself that hey, they are worth it. hahaha.
Sunday was good, Sundays are always good, instead of stressing out about learning everything you just get to soak in the gospel. We have the 3 hours of course, but they are spread out throughout the day. So it's Sacrament, breakfast, study, relief society, district meeting, Lunch, Sunday school, meeting, dinner, devotional, meeting. It's busy, but it's probably the most relaxed day we have, other than P-days of course. My branch president seems nice, and his wife too. I haven't gotten to them him a lot because he's been super sick too. C'est la vie.
I'm sorry to hear about Aunt Donna, I hope Grandma is doing okay, tell her that I send my love and wish I could be there to give her a hug. But i'm glad LIndsay made it there safely, I hope she has tons of fun, and sends me pictures, or else I might be a little mad.
And tell dad i'm sorry that he's in pain, and I love him, and that i'm doing alright, I've only cried a few times :) And only about 3 times a day do I think 'hey i'm done with this, I just want to go home'. Hahaha.
Love you guys tons, and miss you all so much!! I wish I could just be home and hug all of you. Keep up the good work on being such an awesome family!!!
I hope I gave you enough details. hahaha
Thanks for everything!!
Soeur Jackson.

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