Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 I'll tell you the good things that are happening. My comapnion is wonderful. I didn't realize what a blessing that really was until this weekend when we noticed all these companionships getting in fights. And we just kind of clicked and really work well together, so that's good. My teachers are both still great. Soeur Larsen tells a lot of really good mission stories, that make this whole thing seem a little bit more achievable. Me and Soeur MacKay have come up with a study regime to try and make us learn a lot better. yesterday was the first day we actually got to impliment it, and it seemed to work yesterday, so lets hope we keep on continuing.
Sundays are always good, because of church and devotional. They always seem to say just the right thing to make you feel like your not just drownding here. For relief society we had some lady from the Primary Presidency of the Church, i think. And she was really awesome, and she made some good points about what I need to be doing. That I have been doing, but apparently not enough. So I will just study study study and trust in the Lord, i'm sure he knew what he was doing when he called me to France (most of the time I believe that:) ). haha I can't really think of anything else that happened. On my super bad day Soeur MacKay took me into a room with a piano, and I got to play for the first time in weeks, I might have shed a tear, but in a good way. So that improved my day substantially. And I found that for some reason keeping a journal really does help, it's the oddest thing. So I write a lot. But yeah, that's about it. We got to watch the Testaments. I love love love that show, so I was pretty excited about that. Soeur MacKay thought it was so funny that i was crying so hard at the end. But what isn't beautiful about the part where Jesus is blessing the children, and the father is just so happy that his son can see him, and doesn't even care that he can't. And then Jesus comes up, calls him by name and heals him, and he gets to see him. It's just so great. So we walked out, I was crying, and I just said casually 'man I love Jesus'. Soeur MacKay laughed for like 10 minutes. It was good.
So all is alright.
Let me know how everything is with everyone there. Lots of details! I miss you all tons and tons and tons and tons! LOVE YOU!!!
Your trying to be full of faith daughter.

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