Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 12th

Well this was a busy week. I got a new companion. Her name is Sr. Hafen, she is only one transfer ahead of me. She is like a machine, which is cool, but its crazy. We have to go to Paris tonight, and she will then go off to Belgium, and I stay in Paris to try some missionary work there. Then on Wednesday its off to Colmar. So we will be gone half the week, I don't love that, but what can you do.
We had our genealogy activity, it was alright. The people there were really cute and interested. But it was really hard to plan on a missionary schedule. I don't believe I will do one again on the mission.
Coolest story from my week. We were contacting this lady, but she was from Bosnia, so we couldn't really communicate. Then this other lady came up and asked for the book of mormon, we gave it to her, but guess what. She also didn't speak french. Seriously, no on in France speaks French. Anywho, she spoke Albanian, and by chance I had ordered Albanian Book of Mormons a few weeks ago and we'd just gotten them. So we told her to stay, and ran and got one. Then her son came, we were hoping he could translate, but he spoke 5 words in English, and also no French. So she went and found another lady, who spoke Albanian and German and Ugoslavian, hoping this lady could translate, but still not French. So this second lady found another lady who spoke Serbian and French. So the Albanian lady asked the lady a question in Ugoslavian, then she asked the lady who spoke Serbian, who asked us the question in French. it was the longest, weirdest thing ever. So we did what all rational people do, we got a child to come and translate for us, which very sadly, worked the best. So it was hard. But we left them with a book of mormon in Albanian, so i'm counting it as a win. I never realized how well I knew French until I listened to all those other languages, and I have never been so grateful to hear French spoken either. But hey! I learned how to say thank-you in Albanian. Interesting night...
That's about it! I miss Sr. Mataalii a lot. It's really weird to adjust to a whole knew person, who is way different. But it's good. So that's it. I hope all is well with you guys!! LOVE YOU!!!

Sr. Jackson

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