Monday, August 26, 2013

 August 26th 2013
Okay well this week has been a bit all over the place, since we had to travel to go get interviews done. And this next week will be the same way, we go do exchanges in Paris with my favorite person in the whole world! My grandma!! I'm so excited.

Anywho, the story I wanted to share with you guys today is more for mom and Colleen. It is about a woman in our ward who is termed a non-practicing. She is very old, and sick, and in a wheelchair. Her name is Sr. Casy. She has not been able to attend church for many years because of her illness, although she is still a firm believer.
Sr. Casy found the missionaries when she was a teenager right after WWII, Mulhouse had just been given back to France. She met the missionaries and decided to be baptized. Soon after she was baptized, the Elder who baptized her (whom she had a bit of a crush on) and some other missionaries, mostly in Belgium decided that they should be doing Polygamy. (I don't know if you guys have heard about this). So all these Elders were excommunicated from the church. When this happened Sr. Casy got A LOT of pressure from her family to disjoin the church. Even with all that opposition she said strong in the church. Agreed that those men were wrong, but she kept going. After that happened there were only a handful of people who went to church in branch that she attend. Yet still she always went.
Now many many years later, two missionaries are talking to this older woman, the louder one (because Sr. Casy is kind of deaf), asked if there was anything that the missionaries can do to help her. She is completely alone in the world at this point, no children. And what does she say?
"Yes. I have a sister in the ward who I am her visiting teacher. I used to e-mail her a message every month, but then her computer broke, and now I write her a message every month. This woman is becoming inactive, and I am the only member she is in contact with".
She didn't ask us to do anything for her, just to go find this woman she visit teaches. I can't think of a better visiting teacher. I think if Sr. Casy can continue to do her visiting teaching after everything then the sisters in our ward can. I find Sr. Casy so incredible, she is an incredible pioneer and she will never have an epic movie done about her, but more people need to learn from her example.

Sorry that was long. Just one other random thing. So the ward had a picnic the other day with the ward. And they played this game where they describe a territory of France that a cheese in named after, and people guess the territory, and then there is a song for each one!! It was awesome. All the old people new all the little songs, and one old man got up and waltzed to one. It was sweet.

Anywho. Love you all lots and lots!!! Keep going strong!

Soeur Jackson.

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