Monday, August 5, 2013

With my toe, on my big toenail the nail broke off right at the bottom. It's gross, and I try to avoid looking at it, and pretend like it's not their.
As for transfers, bum bum bum!!
I remain. But Soeur Mataalii has been called to be an STL, the youngest one on the mission. She is not extremely happy about it. There was a lot of crying going on last night, so on Wednesday she is off to Belgium. Which is really cool, and she's companions with a sister that I really like. So it's cool, i guess, it's kind of weird that we won't be together anymore.
I will be with a Soeur Hafen. Do you remember the Hafens? Haley probably will? Sarah, Benjamin and Spencer? Yeah, she is their cousin. So that's cool, I don't really know her. So it will be a fun new experience.
My geneology activity for the ward is this Saturday, i'm pretty worried about it, but hopefully it will all work out well.
I was really sorry to hear about Lisa dying, but her funeral sounds like it was really great. I hope that everyone is doing okay, the family, and Haley and Aodhan. Those Hayters, they are so awesome.
We are going to the foire tonight. We have to go with some members because last year they had some yeah, we are pretty excited. It is rumored they have barbe a papa, sweet.
Spiritual thought for the week: Prayer works, depend on it. We have had a hard time getting ami's to come to church, so I fasted and prayed for it, and one of our ami's came, and brought a friend. And in testimony meeting they literally testified about everything she had questions about. One person came, and it was the most amazing thing ever.
LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Peace out.

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