Monday, July 29, 2013

Okay you guys craziest, funniest week ever, nothing is going to beat it. But first I have to begin with a little note to mom, you know that cat attack you wrote me about? Yeah i'm going to Belfort tomorrow morning. haha and yes I can't tell you how many cats their are, they're everywhere! I actually have that written in my journal several places.
Anywho, now to the awesome stories! I met the police, and got my record checked! Hilarious.
Okay so we went out into the countryside, a bit out of Mulhouse and were doing some porting. And this man drove by and was like you guys have to leave, and a bunch of other stuff, suffice it to say that he was not the nicest person i've met. So we had to leave the area. We got to the bus stop and had 30 minutes, so I was like hey lets port down this other neighborhood, i'm full of great ideas. So we were finishing porting and heading back to the bus stop when the Police turn down the street. And soeur Mataalii is like 'you've got to be kidding me, this nuttella did not call the police on us'. Yeah he did. So they took our drivers license and called us in to check, asked us a bunch of questions. And so as this is happening we see our bus pass by, and Soeur Mataalii gets a little mad. Because it's already after dinner, the next bus isn't for an hour, and their is no way we can walk home. So she's all sassy to the policeman, her exact words I believe were "i'm hungry, and i'm Somoan, so when we get hungry we are hungry" But in French, and with lots of sass. 
Anywho, they say were okay and let us go, so we just keep walking pass the bus stop, because were like that's dumb to just sit for an hour. So we're walking and the police pull up next to us again, they open the door and tell us to get in. First thought was 'am I being arrested', second thought 'okay'. I mean it was 105 you guys, and we were way way hungry. So we got a ride back from these policemen, and we were just chatting with them in the car, the way you do. And the reason they came back and gave us a ride? One of them thought we were cute! They were trying to hook up with us. Funny funny police men. So that was awesome.
Next story, just as funny, we always run into this scary man, I think he's like Ukranian, really unsure though. He says he was taught by missionaries once, and he's so nice to us. Anywho, in short terms, he offered to take care of anyone who was bugging us. Basically i'm becoming a mob boss here. It's legit.
Next story, not as epic but I think the family will enjoy this. So i've almost been here 3 months now, and the members now think it's okay to make fun of how I was my first 2 weeks here because I didn't talk a lot....or as they say at all...They claim that I communicated through acting things out and facial expressions. So on Sunday they made it a competition to see who could it the best. And I can tell you know, apparently I act a lot of weird things out. And then they made fun of me now, because as Soeur Blazevic says, i'm extremely animated. Although I don't know how you can be animated when you can't speak the language. These people.
So this is getting long, i'm about to finish it up promise. The temperature finally dropped today, so that's good. It was killing us, and with the medicine I was taking for my toe and then not eating we had a really bad day. But that's in the past.
Oh!! And for Soeur Larsen, I am told I have an Alsacian accent. Which I am not happy about. Honestly I am blending English, French, Alsacian, and Somoan all together. It's really messing with my brain. haha Oh well. And can you believe transfer is in a week?!? Whoa.
I'll end, that's long. Sorry. 
I hope everyone has an awesome week!! Do what I would do, but better. :)

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