Monday, July 22, 2013

This is going to be just a little e-mail, sorry. :)
It has been really hot this past week, and this week it's still just going to be up in the 100's. Wednesdays it's supposed to be 110, the highest, that will be fun.
The missions goal is to find young families right now, so everyone is out doing a lot of porting, just days of porting. And not really a lot of finding, because everyone in France is on vacance right now. So it's a bit difficile, and it's a little sad, and hard to keep doing. But eventually we'll find someone who wants to listen.
Saturday was a really hard day. And then Sunday came along and these adorable members, called the Kimbergt's, they are my age, gave me and Soeur Mataalii journals that they got for us at the Suisse temple. They are really cute journals, and they wrote a little note inside, with their email and address so we can stay in touch. And the note they wrote was really cute, here is some of it:
Nous savons que Dieu sera toujours la pour vous aider et vous soutenir dans les moments d'epreuves, car il vous aime de tout son coeur. nous seront toujours la pour vous.
Translation: We know that God is always their to aide you and to sustain you in moments of trail, for he loves you with all his heart. We are always here for you.
It was something me and Soeur Mataalii both needed on Sunday. It was really cute of them, they are just a cute young couple, so strong in the church. So that was so great of them. Man the members her are so great. Each week they prove that to us. And they are just so grateful for the missionaries and the work we are doing, since most of them or their parents were converts they are very aware of missionary work, it's nice.
So that's about it for this week. Hope you guys all had an awesome week!! LOVE YOU!!!

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