Monday, July 8, 2013

Busy busy bee
First off, thanks for the music! I love it, and I am slowly converting my companion to liking MoTab.

This week was super super busy. We had to go to Strasburg for a bit, and then we had sister exchanges. It was hilarious. So I finally got to meet my grandma Soeur Pulupuna, she's Tongan, and it was the funniest night ever. I come from a long line of Polynesians, and I am not considered white in the mission field anymore. It feels good not to be white anymore. :) So I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures that I sent you.
We ate a full out African meal, and all I can say is that I am becoming more grateful the Lord sent me to France than Africa.
We had a ward baptism on Saturday, for Charlotte. It was really fun, the whole ward came out for it. We brought cookies, because people here really really like American cookies. Seriously, you buy a cookie in the bakery and it tastes nothing like an American cookie, they like can't fingure out how to make it. I think the problem is they don't use liquid vanilla here. Weird French people.
We taught a lot of people this week, which was good. We were just running around, I had zero language study this week...which might have been a bad thing...but oh well. The lessons for the most part went well, I only got angry in one lesson, it was a little ridiculous. But most were good. we are teaching some old amis names Isa and Luke, they ones we taught with the family on skype. So we went and ate with them and then watched the Restoration video. And afterward Luke said they've seen it before, but every time he watches it he feels something in his heart. And he asked if we have a longer version. It was really cute, because me and Soeur Mataalii cry everytime with it, and with the Testaments.
It was actually really funny, last Monday we had a fete de femme! It was cute. We had it with a non-active member named Rebecca, her father is the 1st counseler in the bishopric. She is 36 and became inactive because she started dating someone who wasn't a member, and one thing led to another...and then she felt bad teaching the young women and left church. It's a really common thing out here for young single adults to fall away for that, because they can't find anyone who is a member to marry. So we had a party with here, and we watched the Testaments, as it applied because she is like Jacob, a prodical son. It was really good, she cried in the middle. She's pretty funny. And she says she doesn't really believe the gospel anymore but we had her share her favorite scripture, and she cried when she shared it. We asked why it was her favorite, and she said its because it is in her patriarcal blessing.. pft..this lady believes still. Sometimes I feel like being a missionary is really like being the ultimate visiting teacher.
So that's all the stories I can think of right now. This next week will be busy too, we have to go to Paris for a few days for my legality. So excited (sarcastically said).
LOVE YOU GUYS!! Hope everyone is having a good week!!

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