Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hard work


After weeks of hard labor, putting in tons of time and effort, a whole lot of leg work our goal has been accomplished. We found the best ice cream place in Mulhouse. Whew. Don't worry you guys, I found it. :)
This week was a fun interesting week. I am finally seeing how differently people treat Elders and Sisters, its interesting.
We taught some ami's and the wife, Isa is from Madagascar, where her whole family is members. So we walked in and guess what? They were skyping, and they skyped and watched our WHOLE lesson, even when we were eating afterwards. It was kind of awkward, but kind of funny. I felt like we were on the Big Bang Theory.
And everybody we have been having rendez-vous with has rescheduled sometime this next week a meal with us, like even our ami's. It's prettying awesome. One day we're being fed all day. Pretty excited for that day. One of them is a non-active called Rebecca. She's in her 30's and became less active because she couldn't find anyone mormon to date and starting dating a nonmember and one thing led to another and yeah....but she's way sweet. She thinks were hilarious. And we're having a movie night with her tonight! I jokingly at the last rendez-vous was like we can watch a movie, and then starting throwing out ideas and I was like we can make it a movie night! A party movie night! And bring cookies! And she jumped in on the excitement and asked if we could do it next monday. We bring American cookies and she makes the meal. So that will be fun.
Also the next time you guys get on my facebook will you accept friend requests that i have? Especially from Pearl Stauffer, she's an awesome ami. Only 17, but i'm determined to baptise her, she's adorable.
We're getting to know more and more of the ward members here, they are all super awesome. We had a repas with the Halm family a few nights ago. And they have all girls, so it was kind of just like being home. Their oldest daughter is handicapped, and they are just such an awesome family. The youngest Charlotte is getting baptised this Saturday. And it was way fun, and on the way home they were playing Celine Dion (her french CD of course), and I asked if they knew the song 'I believe in you' with Il Divo, and they skipped a few tracks and it was on the CD! So the mom turned it up and me and Clautilde (whose 11) were totally jamming out, singing way loud in the car on the way home, and Charlotte was in the back with us just sat their shaking her head the whole time. It was awesome.
That's about it, I mailed you guys some pictures today. Not a ton, but a few. I hope you enjoy. Miss you guys!!! LOVE YOU!!

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