Monday, June 24, 2013

 don't know what I disbelieve more, that their was a fire next door, or that you guys went to the knew Superman movie without me. But really that is crazy. I hope nobody got hurt or anything. Was it like huge? Are their pictures of the reckage? Crazy buisness.
We had some cool experiences this week. Mirjana, the gypsy who has been taught by missionaries for like 9 years and told us in our first meeting that she would never ever be baptised. We gave her some chapters to read, left her with a prayer, came back a few days later and decided to give her a baptismal calender. Just in case she changed her mind. And guess what? She did, before we even said it she asked if she would be able to be baptised on one of those days. It was pretty awesome, neither of us knew what to say we were so surprised. So now its just seeing if she decides to keep this committment, because she's really awesome. Her big issue is she wants to be baptised with her husband, not without him, and he isn't at all interested. So...we'll find a way around that little problem....

This week has been an interesting week, somehow it became a complete rule breaking week, but not on purpose I promise. One night we were way way way late past curfew, but in our defense we were with the bishops family and had to wait for them to drive us home because their were no busses. Then I had a child climb on my lap and sit, oddly enough still with the bishops family, I got bisous by a 16 year old boy..awkward... And probably the most shameful, and worst one. Somebody, maybe your daughter, bought a dessert with alcohol in it, and didn't find out until after the fact. I think I was in shock for like 30 minutes when I found out. So like I said an interesting week. Also this weekend was the fete de Musique in Mulhouse. Which is just a huge party for the whole city Friday and Saturday night. Music being played throughout the whole city, and outside our apartment their is this little fountain area that kids go play in, they set up a boxing ring. So as we were trying to sleep their was loud music, and a very loud boxing match going on right outside. It was kind of cool i'm not going to lie to you.
We had another cool experience with the 'Jackson' name. So like always people stop us and know that we are American because of my name. But this time we were getting on a bus, they stopped us asked if I was american, I said yes. They all started freaking out saying they love America, and they asked me to smile. Which I very awkwardly did, and all of them go 'OH! So American', so apparently not only my name, but also my smile is all American. And then they gave us some cake, it was really nice. People from Algeria, and Morroco, and the sorts just love us. It's cute.
And! I actually got told I was progressing on my French, so whew! Apparently it is happening, because no lie, it really doesn't feel like i'm progressing a whole lot of the time.

Another random thing, I will be in Paris on the 12th! The same time as grandma, its like a slap in the face, I have to go to do OFII. Life is sometimes very unfair.
And finally, but certainly most importantly, I will be remaining in Mulhouse!!! I think I could cry i'm so happy. I would be quite content to spend the majority of my mission here. I love the members too much to leave, they are my family here.
Oh, and yeah mom they are changing it, starting this transfer we are beginning to use computers during the less busy hours of our day. We are a little excited. Although since you can use Facebook we are thinking a whole lot of new new rules will also be coming along.
That's about it. Love you all. :)

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