Monday, June 17, 2013

So officially a week from now i will no longer be the newest missionary in France, weird. I'm just praying i dont get transfered from Mulhouse. Because i have officially spent time in Paris, and i am telling you, i hit the jackpot with Mulhouse, and I don't know that I ever want to serve in Paris area. Seriously, Mulhouse is way better. And you know what I know its like a huge drug place and what not, and people are way mean to the Elders, but we're just little girls in dresses, little nuns if you will, nobody is really mean to us.If anything the men are really really interested in us.
The Elder Ballard conference was nice, he was really funny, I got to shake the hand of an apostle, no big deal. And apparently Elder Oaks and some other apostles are coming in September. So i'm thinking I found the mission where you get to meet all the apostles. WOO HOO. But he was really good, he's been really involved in missionary things since he became an apostle, and he said that he picked some of us to go here, so that was sweet. He told a story too about Wilfred Woodruff that I had never heard. It's from his journals, you might already know this, but I will still share it. One night he was dreaming and he saw Joseph Smith (after he had died obviously). And he was running around, and then he saw Hyrum, and Joseph Smith Sr. all of them running around. And he finally stopped Joseph and asked him why they were in such a hurry, they're dead, don't they just get to rest? And Joseph said "Willfred every other dispensation has had ample time to prepare for the Lord, we don't, we have work to do". It was really good. He gave a bunch of instruction, and it was pretty motivating to say the least.
Then we had exchanged, and Lindsay I met you!! Seriously, it was Sister McGhie who i did exchanged with, and it was Lindsay. I just kept saying that the whole time we were on exchanges, and I might have cried a little bit when I said goodbye. Seriously, everything she said and did, it was Lindsay. The one difference that I found, her favorite color is a dark red. It was AWESOME!!!! Paris was disgusting, but she was so awesome. She only has 2 transfers left so she's almost done, and she is a pro, so great.
Then finally we came back to Mulhouse, and it is hotter than Utah, we hit 100. It's been nice, but we get really gross. And we just spent the day at the Mulhouse Zoo today!! And we're pretty disgusting, I feel bad that we have to go teach a lesson with the bishop tonight like this, but c'est la vie.
Down side to the week, that maybe I cried a bit about. Technically Brenda is in our district but not our area. So some other elders called the zone leaders and told on us and they stole her. Like seriously, they stole our ami. It is the most ridiculous thing ever.
Bright side to the week. Yesterday we had the ward repas, or in america linger-longer. And it was pretty awesome. I mean of course the food was great. But now we actually know ward members, it was so much fun just sitting and chatting with everyone.
So that's about it. It was a low number week because we were gone for so many days, but it was a good, very hard working week. We are pretty exhausted, and fell asleep during diner yesterday. So I can't decide if that's a good sign or a bad sign. My French is slightly better, I taught a lesson in Church yesterday and i was understood, so that's a very large miracle. I think that's it, well i'll leave it at that, because this is getting really really long. Sorry. Love you all, miss you. :)

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