Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello everyone,
So this week has been busy, and yesterday is stopped raining and the sun was shining, it was a fast sunday miracle. Speaking of fast sunday, slightly better here in France. They make sure that sacrament doesn't go over by ending all other meetings early and starting sacrament early, smart people.
I will begin with my funny story. So we are teaching Lavania and her baby daddy Darius, we showed up to teach them the other day and Darius walks in just in his boxers. Me and soeur Mataalii look at each other like really? And then our eyes continue down, this fool is on house arrest! We burst out laughing, I really couldn't believe it. So we taught somebody in their boxers this week, and now were just dying to know what he did.
Oh! Before I forget, so on the 11th of June Elder Ballard is coming and speaking to our mission. Since apostles dont usually visit missions every 6 months the rumors are running wild through the mission that it is going to splitm since after next month we will have over 250 missionaries. Which means in a month I could not be part of the France Paris mission anymore. Weird.
I finally had a French French meal. All our past ones have been with members not from France, like Brazil, or like with the Bishop who gave us pizza. It was good, but it was pretty long, and they did the whole several courses thing. I am going to get the recipe because dad would totally love it! It was a salmon and rice dish for the main course, it was pretty good, we had it with the stake Patriarch and his wife, and basically they are beautiful. Everytime he talked about the gospel he would get all emotional and almost cry, so adorable. And he talked about his conversion and he was all 'I didn't even have to ask, i knew it was true', and then he talked about how happy he was that a few weeks later his wife could accept it and be baptised. It was adorable, we felt dumb blessing his foyer because I totally want a blessing from him!
Oh on a ward note, our bishop is still remaining our bishop, but also serving in the stake presidency, I have never heard of that happening.
Now for my awesome story, So last week we had been out all day, and Soeur Mataalii was done and wanted to stay in the room for the rest of the night, cause it was pourring rain outside. But I insisted we go out for another half and hour at least and try contacting, and went and stood by the door until we left, she hates it when I do that. And we were standing at the tram station and a girl walked by, but kept walking, and I turned to Sr. Mataalii and said we should have talked to her, and she said she was thinking the same thing, then 5 minutes later she came back, and started a conversation with us! So we just started talking about the weather, got on the tram with her and she asked where we were from. Perfect. We told her and why we were here, and asked what religion was for her. She said she stopped going to her church because they pray to saints and Mary, but not to God, and she thought she should really be praying to God. PERFECT!!! So we told her about our prayers and had a little discussion. She said we could meet again. So we met at the Church, talked about the Book of Mormon, gave her one and she said she would start reading it that night before we even asked. And then said she couldn't come to church that week, but she can make it next week. Before we even asked her. Seriously. She's from Camerun, of course, because all the friendly people come from their or Nigeria. Her name is Brenda, and she is 19 years old. She is reading the Book of Mormon every night. Feel free to pray for her. :)
On a personal note, Sr. Mataalii has been pretty sick, so we've been a lot of time in the apartment, and i have done a tone of reading, and eating. But its all good, she's feeling a lot better now so that's good. That's about it from this end. LOVE YOU!!!!!

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