Monday, May 27, 2013


Dear family,
I had something I wanted to write to you, a quote from a book, but alas I have forgotten the book at my apartment. It was hilarious, and it was a witty play on scripture, so I will just quickly summarize for I cannot do it justice, write me. As much as I love getting online once a week and having a LOT of emails, it really is nice, this girl would like a letter or two during the week. On days when I am actually working and could use the letter. This however does not mean to stop emailing me, as they are also very appreciated. Is it so much to ask that you write me every detail of your life so that I am not out of the loop? I am so used to gettting letters everyday at the MTC, I think I am having letter withdrawals. And Becca, thank you for all the great pictures, I love getting them, I show my companion all of them.
Well this week has been fun. I did not anticipate how much I would be riding the train, its a lot. So on Sunday we had to wake up at 5 to walk to the station to get on a 3 hour train ride for stake conference, and then 3 hours back. And you know what, it was totally worth it. President and his wife were their and gave really good talks. And our awesome bishop was called into the new stake presidency, so we are sad, but excited to hear who the new one will be. And the area seventy that spoke was Brittish, and his talk was SO GOOD!!! One of his stories he told was when he was out of town on buisness, and his daughter was 4. She was running and fell and cried out for Daddy, saying that daddy would feel bad for her, and help her. Later when his wife told him this story he felt happy not sad. Happy that even when he was not there, when she couldn't see him, or feel him, she still cried out for him, knowing that he would feel her pain and help her. I thought this was really awesome for the obvious comparision you can make. He also said for people who are going through trials, that trials are hard, and sometimes you must stand alone, but they are their to change you. And you need to embrace them, and stay strong until the end. It was really good.
Food in France is pretty good, i'm not going to lie, and my companion makes a lot of food. So I eat a lot, and I think I will be fat pretty soon. Because everything here is like infused with either cheese, or chocolate. Seriously, so much chocolate, its kind of awesome.
Its still kind of slow getting amis, but thats okay, all good things come in time right? President said that the first 4 weeks would be hard and slow trying to find people. Since we aren't allowed to contact men or muslims its a little hard for the sisters to get people. But we are trying. And we actually did a day where we prayed every 30 minutes, and it was a fun day, we felt good, and felt the spirit. But we didn't find any new invistigators, and that was a bummer. But then later that night the Elders called and said that they had contacted a woman for us to go teach. It was a pretty great answer to our prayers. So we went and taught her, and the man with who she is not married but multiplying and replenishing the earth with. She is pregnant with their second child. And they are our progressing amis. We have another appointment with them tomorrow. They are from Romania. So even though we didnt contact them, they were found that day which was pretty sweet;
I think thats about it. Its still pretty cold, and rains all the time here. And i'm getting an Alsacian accent, which is not good. The area I am in is called Alsace. Its so odd, they cant decide if they want to be French of German.
Keep me up to date! I miss you guys, and love you all lots!!!!


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