Monday, May 20, 2013

Well I am here. Sorry for spelling errors, French keyboard are ridiculous. Thanks for all the emails and pictures, i loved all of them, it really made my day to see them all. And I dont know if we get an ensign, so feel free to send it.
So I don't know if they told you, or if you found out from the pictures but I am in Mulouse, and no it is not pronounced like it is spelled. For those of you who know me well you will find it hilarious, Mulouse is boarderline Germany, so Taylor Kirk you totally called it. It is an area that has been a battle whether is belongs to France or Germany. It is totally gangster town.
We are the first sisters to be sent here, and the WHOLE district is white washing, so it has been super out of control. It is less like how you would imagine France, and more like how you would imagine Ukraine, but with people speaking French. Everyone is a little lost right now with it. And I am totally lost with everything, I really can speak like zero French. haha but its all good. I miss you guys so much its ridiculous.
My companion is legit, she is Somoan, her name is Soeur Mataalii, again not pronounced how its spelled.
So Paris and all that was great, we went to St German and saw Notre Dame of Paris, i will try and get some pictures to you, we are on a bad computer today because its a holiday so all the internet cafes are closed. But that was cool, then we got assigned and off we went, but not really cause we missed our train, twice. But we finally got here late Thursday night and all I can say about France is that A LOT of the rumors are false. I almost started crying, the ward is the nicest group of people I have ever met. Our DMP picked us up from the airport, and him and his wife put chocolate and ice cream in the sisters apartment. And ALL of the ward is so happy to finally have sister missionaries here. And they organized a Samedi sport so that we could come and meet people. And on Sunday we got to introduce ourselves, which was hard for me, but they were all so nice. And they kids just think your awesome, and they give you bises, and its adorable.
And the ward has a sign up sheet for when to feed to the sister missionaries. And Soeur Mataalii said that in every other ward she has been in they have to like force the members into feeding them, she's never seen a sign up sheet for it, and lots of people had already signed up. So really this ward is like the best thing ever, they bring joy to my soul.
We've done tracting but not had a lot of rendez-vous because as the first sisters and white washing we didn't even have an area book. I think it has been really hard for my comp because she just came from somewhere with a lot. But as this is my first zone and I don't really know the difference its not that big of a deal for me. I assumed I would be working for it anyways, and not just walking into an area with a ton of appointments set up. Oh well.
So its good, its hard, like really really hard, and cold. And the people really just aren't interested, but all the ones I have met so far have been pretty nice about not being interested, not rude, so so far the French are all I can think of. I LOVE YOU, and I MISS YOU, again i would put in exclamation points here, but have not yet figured it out on this keyboard... oh my address is 
35, Rue Engel Dollfus
68200, Mulhouse
Okay let me know if I left stuff out, talk to ya later.

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