Monday, May 6, 2013

Hey mom!!
So i'll see if I can find that talk for MeKett, they show it at the MTC so i'll try and figure it out and let you know. And sorry about Linda's letter, I just sent it in that package to you, so I hope you can get it to her. :) Also Jaclyn writes me and tells me that she tries to read my blog but somebody is not keeping it up to date, come on you guys. What could be more important than things involving me? ;)
Exactly one week from right now I will be on my way to France!!!! CRAZY!!!! So my flight plan is I leave the MTC at 1:30, and then we get to the airport, check in, and I get to call!! I'll e-mail right before I leave for the airport so you know i'm on schedule. I realize most of you will be at work so just dearelder me with what number you want me to call to get a hold of you k? And then I fly to France, zero stops, it's a straight like 15 hour flight. And we found out that although their is a HUGE number of missionaries going to Paris, only 11 are girls. Apparently almost all the girls have been called to the Lyon mission. So it will be a plan full of Elders. Interesting...But 15 hours with 40 elders on a plane, everyone will be converted. haha
This was a good week, their was a bad day thrown in their, but it's all good now. Sundays at the MTC are always wonderful. But other than trying to study like crazy so that I actually know the language nothing huge has been happening. I'm pretty worried about going and teaching people, but eventually the language has to come right? My teacher Frere Blosil was really nice and gave me a compliment the other day, not about my language ability of course haha but he said that I will be a great missionary. The kind of missionary that Elders want in their district, and that the Mission President can trust and will be so happy to have. It was really nice, made me feel slightly better about myself.
Hmm...What else happened this week? I studied some really cool stuff during person study. I studied in Matthew 25:31-46, and something clicked that sadly never had before. It is when Christ is telling the people that when ever you helped someone you were serving him. And before I just thought of it in a way that it brought him joy cause he loved all his people. But it was meant literally. Since Christ suffered for all our sins, pains and tribulations, that when you help someone, and lift some of their burden you are literally saving Christ from having suffered that in the Garden. And the same goes for if I bring someone to the gospel, and they are baptised and stop sinning, I am literally saving Christ from having suffered for those sins. Mind blown. I really just thought that was the coolest thing.
Also I learned something that you and my sisters might find interesting, unless you guys already knew this, in which case I sound dumb. But in 'Come thou fount' when it says 'here i raise my ebeneazer', i'm not going to lie I always thought it was talking about a cane or something. But it is talking about from Samuel, after they win a war, he raised a stone in praise of God and calls it ebeneazer. Weird, I never knew that.
My challenge for what you guys should do this week:
1. Look up mormon messages and watch two of them. One by Thomas S. Monson called Dare to Stand Alone. And also one by Eyring, I believe it's called Mountains to Climb. I think you guys will love them.
2. Look up a dream that Elder Whitney had, it's about Jesus, mom I think you'll especially love it. Although knowing you you have already read it, but I thought it was so beautiful. I don't know where you will find it, we had it shared with us at a fireside.
That it, two simple little things. :) Enjoy.
So I think that's all I have to say. I'll work super hard this week!! It's PVL all week, and so I might want to shoot myself, but that's okay.....i guess....So wish me luck, because it's sort of scary that already next week i'll be leaving for France. I'll miss the MTC a lot, but i'm excited, i'll actually get to be in France. Weird. haha Okay i'll finish up now. :)
LOVE YOU GUYS!!! MISS YOU!!! I can't wait to talk to you in a week!! WOOO HOOOO. Give dad a huge for me. His foot looked so awesome, I showed the Elders and they thought it was crazy.
Love, your excited/scared/nervous/tired/happy missionary. :)

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