Monday, May 13, 2013

Well this is it, I am departing from the MTC in just a few hours. That is the craziest thing ever. I just have to keep singing the song 'Be still my soul'. The MTC has been super awesome of course, it's just a bunch of classes and I like school. But I am super excited to get out and be doing the work. We just sent off all the Lyon sisters, so our district is now split in half. It was so sad, but exciting at the same time!
So I leave here around 11:30, and we take frontrunner, so i'll be at the airport maybe around 2. So plan on me calling between 2-4. And should I call mom's cell or the house phone? I'm not sure. So mom if you get this try and e-mail me back before I have to get off.
These last few days at the MTC have been super crazy, we've had endless appointments running around and going to last minute orientations, so basically i'm super ready, and super excited!!!
But we had a fireside with Janice Kapp Perry, for those of you who don't know she wrote like 8 super famous primary songs, and did the music to 'As Sisters in Zion'. Anywho she rewrote the lyrics to 'As Sisters in Zion', for what is happening in the missionary effort now, and we got to sing it in Relief Society, we were the first group who got to sing it, and it was awesome. I think every girl in that room was crying. She is putting out a CD for sister missionaries soon, and mom you have to buy it and listen to this CD, it is amazing.
What else...there has been a TON happening.
Oh! So the last day of classes the teachers do like this big tell stories of their missions and show you pictures to get you super excited to go, and it worked of course. But at the end Frere Blosil was sharing his testimony about the work in France. And he was talking about how everybody tells you that you will have no baptisms, but that's not true, their are people in France that are ready for you. And that the work in France is directly related to the Gathering of Israel. Because France has such opened borders and people from every nation come, you get to teach from every single nation, and then they go home and teach. He talked about how the missionaries (and him) baptised a bunch of people from this area in Africa that was closed, and a few months later it was opened. And he taught a man from Lybia, who needed to return to Lybia soon, and would probably be killed. So this man, Bilal, had to be interviewed by the area seventy. And Bilal was firm in being baptised, even if it meant death. And the man told Frere Blosil that somehow Bilal will be intrumental in opening up Lybia for the missionaries. And that we will be teaching from every nation, so that all can be opened. It was amazing, and I had never thought of it that way.
He also mentioned to me that if I know French and English I would be able to travel to like half of Africa and be able to communicate to people. This mission thing just stretches across everything in your life.
At a devotional they were discussing D&C when it says thrust in your sickle the field is ready to harvest. And they challenged us not to use a sickle or a scythe, but to use a combine. Awesome.
So that's about it. I'll call you soon!!! And then the next time I e-mail you I will be in France.
I arrive in France Tuesday at 11 am France time. So subtract 8 hours for your time. And we go and get interviewed. Then that night we get to sleep in a hotel in Paris because we can't all fit in the misison home, and then we get assigned our area and trainer Wednesday morning. I was told I could probably e-mail you when I arrive in France, so I hope so but i'm not sure.
I have some super awesome pictures to send you, but I forgot my camera in the room, sorry. We had a huge feast our last day, and all the other classes were super jealous.
I hope mothers day went super well, and that you got my card. I'll talk to you all soon! I love you guys!!
And i'm off!
One last quote from the MTC
'Shall we not go on in so great a cause?!'
Love, your soon to be in France missionary.

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