Monday, September 2, 2013

Exchanges in Paris

This week I got to go do exchanges in Paris with Sr. Pulupuna!!! Seriously she is one of my most favorite missionaries. She's just one of the best. This is her last transfer and then she returns home. She is also my grandmother on the mission, it's awesome, I have the best mission heritage ever. She's been in some pictures that I have sent home, she's the Tongan. :) But it was super awesome. I can officially say that I never want to serve in Paris, and never again do I want to go Grocery Shopping in Paris. But It was really good to spend this last time with her before she leaves, get some awesome advice. Sr. Pulupuna is just the kind of missionary I want to be, all of her actions are out of true love for every person, she is always serving, and she just loves everyone! I love it, if I turn out like her I will be content with myself.
Another note, our mission had a goal, that by the 12th of September (because an apostle was supposed to come) To have 100 baptisms. That goal was made 3 months ago, and the mission just reached it!!! Woo-hoo France Paris mission!!! haha The Apostle is still coming, but not to talk to the missionaries anymore, he is coming to rearrange stake boundaries. Which also means that the mission boundaries with be changing, this will be interesting. But it is really cool too, here's part of what is going down. So on the 15th of September they will create a 3rd stake in Paris and integrate the Lorient district to a stake located in Rennes. France will literally be convered by stakes as it was prophised by President Kimball in 1976. It's kind of amazing.
I found something i'm sending you guys for Christmas that you will love!!! I just have to figure out how to actually get it...It's a bit difficult. haha But all is good!! France is progressing at a nice little pace, and it will be totally ready for that temple!! 
Hope you are all doing well!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Sr. Jackson.

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