Monday, September 16, 2013

On to Paris (or Evry)

That's so weird. Here it is again:

Well many important things went down this week. For those of you who weren't aware we had some apostles in France this week, now why you ask did we have some apostles in France? Well let me tell you, because they started the fondation of the temple!!!! AH!!!! I can't even tell you guys the reaction of the members here in France, what a big thing this is to them. Its amazing. And you can feel the spirit of the temple, and it's not even built yet!! France is catching fire!! WOOHOO!!

We had a good week, our zone did a prayer and fast thing this week with the apostles and temple, and it was awesome. We had a rendez-vous with an ami of ours who is an older woman, I love her. And we had asked her to do some reading, we started the lesson and she pulled out a paper with notes of every verse that she read, what she thought, questions. It was the most adorable thing. I couldn't help it, I reached over, grabbed her and said, I am very very happy right now because of you. She thought it was hilarious. I think I was glowing for the rest of the lesson. And we did a baptism invite, she said she will pray and if she gets an answer she will be baptized. I think that Sr. Hafen will get her baptized by the end of next transfer. Of course I wont be here for it, but that doesn't really matter in the end. Spirit of the temple you guys, spirit of the temple here in france!!!!
It is official, I will be leaving Mulhouse. It kind of breaks my heart, I spent the last few days saying goodbyes to everyone. Its hard leaving a place that has become home and you love people here. But if I decide to come back I have MANY houses to stay at, that's always nice. And several have invited the family to come stay. But I am being sent to Evry, its just right outside Paris, but its in the Paris zone. Its the smallest apartment in the mission, that will be interesting. But it will be cool....hopefully.... It's weird leaving. I love Mulhouse, and I love the people here. Plus I feel like i've learned a ton here. Everything in my life that I said I hated, or that I would never do, the Lord has had me do here in Mulhouse. But he has had me do it in a way that I volunteered happily for it. And I have loved it. But alas, the Lord has called me somewhere else.
Oh and family I sent a package off to you guys, it should get there in like 2 weeks. I hope it all gets there safely and you like it!!! Love you and miss you!!!

Well I just realized I forgot to put my address in the last one... awkward... here it is!!!

11, allee Boissy d'Anglas
91000 Evry
Also I almost forgot to tell you guys!! I am in the Liahona. Well the French you'll never see it. But all the members got it before us and were telling us about it, I was so worried. Not the best picture. Its my first day here in Paris, but it's all good. Apparently from the picture and the way I am all the members think I will get married RIGHT when I get home. That is what everyones parting messing for me was. Advice on being a mother, and to send them an invitation, because I look like someone who will get married right away. Weird French people.
Anywho, there you go. :)

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