Monday, September 23, 2013

A visit to the Louvre and a first report on Evry

I feel before I say anything else that I should tell each and everyone of you, I just came from the Louvre. No big deal, casual thing. Haha We hit of the Louvre this morning and ate some crepes in Paris. It was sweet!!
Anywho, update on my ville, so I am in Evry. Its big. I thought Mulhouse was big, nope. I don't know how I will ever learn how to get around here and all the buses. But its cool. Its a lot greener than I thought, so that was a pleasant surprise.
My companions name is Soeur Walker. She's pretty cool, she's 23, and only 2 transfers ahead of me. She looks like she would be all quiet and patient, but she's super sassy. Its kind of awesome, i'm enjoying it. Its a lot to take in, a new ville, companion, ward, everything. But evry seems really cool, the ward is really big and they are all really nice, I think we'll get along just fine. They call Evry little Africa, there are a lot of Africans here, its kind of awesome.
Down side to Evry. The old AP is my district leader, its proving to not be the best. I knew after that first night when I had to call him to tell him we were late that it would be bad. But to top that off one of the couselers to President is also in my ward. Before, since I was way out in Mulhouse it didn't really matter, now the president could actually find out. This could be a problem. I mean its not like I go around breaking rules all over the place, and I certainly dont do it on purpose, it just seems to happen a lot with me. But the other sisters in our district are really happy about it, they think it makes them look good. Anywho.
Evry doesn't have a ton of amis right now. I think President is just going to keep sending me to areas where they have no amis, and then right when i get to the point where we have investigators, and even some close to baptism, hes going to move me! So now I have to start finding people again, because they don't have lot, kind of a bummer. Its even more of a bummer, because I am pretty awful at finding new people. Oh well, just keep going I guess.
I miss Mulhouse, and the members. I miss Soeur Casy. My last day in Mulhouse we went and said goodbye to her, so I could give her a picture of us and a letter. And she was like, well since your leaving its time I showed you this. And she had sitting in acorner a big photo album and a case of paintings. She's an artist!! Didn't even tell me. But she showed me her paintings from her fathers garden, so pretty. And then a photo album that she was very proud of, it was a service project she did for 2 years. It was so cute, man i'll miss that lady.
Miracle of Sarahs week. So Sunday night we had set contacting goals upon going out, and we were coming in for the night and hadn't hit our goals, mine was to get someones number. And I rarely set goals like this, unless I feel the need to. So we were sitting there waiting for a bus, and getting down that we didn't get our goal. It was a little past curfew so i had the phone out to call Elder Hall, and these people came up to the stop and started talking to us! And I stood right up, I was like, I would be the biggest idiot not to take this opportunity. and BAM, right as our bus to go home came up I got the number. It was pretty awesome, I just kept saying thank you in my head on the way home.
I can testify to you guys that setting goals, then taking them to the Lord will enable him to work miracles in your life. 
Love you all!! Miss you! Have an awesome week.
Soeur Jackson

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