Monday, November 4, 2013

Baptism Scheduled!

For those of you who read this on Monday, sorry its getting out super late. But its getting out, so that's the bright side!
First thing first, they don't celebrate Halloween here, like at all. Isn't that the saddest thing ever? It was the lamest Halloween of my life. But we had a pretty cool day involving food, because we wanted to feel like it was a holiday. So that was nice. All my pictures from Halloween involve food....and that is why I have gained weight.....
Also we cut my hair. We didn't have a brush, so I stood there and Soeur Walker and Soeur Bernhardt eyed it, and just cut, with childrens scissors because we couldn't find the real ones. It was time. Except for it was a lot of hair. Oh well, it grows I guess.
Also awesome news!!! We have a baptism the 24th of this month!!! WOO HOO!!! She's super awesome. I didn't even have to do anything, she was all ready, and its just awesome. I'll send you guys a picture, I got one with her family (and since they are all very dark skinned I stand out ridiculously). Its super exciting. So keep her in your prayers you guys, Agathe Obel.
And as missionaries (and especially sister misisonaries) we get the honor (and that's not being sarcastic) of getting to work with non-pratiquants. So this one here in Evry, her name is Stephanie, and we just kind of clicked. So she was baptised 7 years ago, and went inactive like 2 months later. She has these 2 adorable little girls now, and one is called Shesha :). Anywho, missionaries have been seeing her FOREVER! But she has never been back to the church, or willing to really have lessons. So I saw her my 2nd week here for the first time, and we got her to say a prayer. And then the next time we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she cried. And then the next time we read some Book of Mormon and we both cried. Then she agreed to come to a family home evening at a members house!! So we did that. And now she has accepted a "church calender", like a baptism calender we give amis, but instead of baptism date, a get to church date. And the date she accepted and prayed about is the 24th of November!! It just will be an awesome day. So keep Stephanie in your prayers!!!
That's about it for the week! Oh, and I went to the Eiffel Tower today :).
Love you all!!! Miss you!!!!


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