Monday, November 18, 2013


Spreading the gospel at home
I'm sorry everyone, but this just isn't going to be an awesome e-mail. One, because we are leaving emails early to run and do something. And two, because nothing is going to beat that I have a new niece!!!!! Really, I just can't beat that thing. I'm super happy and excited, and I just think its wonderful.
The big thing that happened this week was a last minute conference with some general authorities. Because they only had 2 days notice they only invited the missionaries in the Paris zones. So I got to go. :) It was really cool, just giving us advice on missionary work. There was a really really funny video that we had to watch, for an awareness test. I want all you guy to do it. It was hilarious as missionaries watching a not church video. And they had 2 elders do an exercise competition. But what they didn't know was that one of the elders was a Navy Seal, so he blew him out of the water! Literally, he was a machine at the push-ups.
But it was really cool. We got a nice little discussion about the 3 D's of Ammon. Desire, Decision, and Determination. Basically you need those 3 things. :) And if you loose one, you do the other two and until you get the one. It was really interesting. So that was a really fun conference to go to.
They also talked about member and missionary work. And it got me thinking. So me and Soeur Walker are in the process of visitng all the ward and giving them a book of mormon and giving the the challenge to give it to someone before Christmas. It goes in line with the challenge given by Elder Ballard last conference for every member to invite a soul unto Christ before Christmas.
So I thought, if that challenge is good enough for the members here at Evry then why not my family and friend. So hear ye all who are reading this email. This missionary is officially inviting you to prayerfully give a book of mormon to someone before Christmas. (if there are some of you who are in Utah who say you don't have a not mormon friend to give a book of mormon to, start praying to make friends). Seriously though, I know that this could be a great blessing to each of you as each week you pray to recognize who you can give it. And it wont offend someone if you just give it to them in love, and explain how much it means to you. Then it is in there hands. Just as each of you know about the spirit of Elijah and all the blessings and joy that you can get from that, the spirit of missionary work is the same. And as Christ devoted his whole life in missionary work, why not follow his example? And as your Christmas gift unto Christ, place a book of mormon with someone. I know that it can make your Christmas more meaningful. (And don't forget to write you testimony in it!!)
24 Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto arepentance; that I might bring them to btaste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be cborn of God, and be dfilled with the Holy Ghost. Alma 36:24
You each have tasted of the joy, and have been born of God and filled with the Holy Ghost, now go labor and bring a soul to Christ!! :)
There you go, you all are engaged. :) And trust me each and everyone of you, I will be emailing you each to follow up. :) 
Love you all!! And I hope that you all have an awesome week! Keep being awesome. :)  

Here is the link: ....I think...I can't actually get to youtube on the church computer to make sure.

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