Monday, February 24, 2014

Blessings of the Mission
I think this picture pretty much says everything about my week. :)
It was a pretty awesome week, really busy, and a little sad, trasnfers are coming next week. And since there is a 98 percent chance that I will change villes (there are only 2 other missionaries in this mission who have rested somewhere for 5 mutations) I spent Sacrament thinking a lot about Evry. And I was looking around the sacrament hall thinking 'did I do my best?' I there was Emma in her african rob, just got the gift of the holy ghost. Christina and her family totally active sitting next to me, Agathe with her baby in the front of the salle. Next to me was sitting our next 2 baptisms, another family we just re-activated, right after the opening hymn snuck in another inactive that i've been working with the whole time i've been here and been praying for everyday, and sitting right by Agathe is another inactive that finally promised me she would come to church and did it. And 2 other families with similar stories. Then I noticed sitting quitely an ami, who also will be baptized soon, just sitting next to the members like she belonged there. On top of that there are all the members, Reba and Mandoline who have become my replacement sisters, Soeur Stevine who I swear is my Soeur de Coeur. It was a bittersweet moment, I might have cried a bit. Man, I hope that 2 percent works for me and I stay a 5th. 6 months isn't long enough.

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