Monday, February 10, 2014

This week I had 2 experiences that I really loved (I considered just using one and saving the other for next week, in case nothing cool happens this week, but I don't think that's really showing my faith to the Lord). So,
The first was the story that we shared in our missionary minute on Sunday, which was nerve wrecking because Soeur Babin (future wife of the future president of mission) was there. But we were in a lesson with a member and the member had invited us to teach their family that arent members of the church. We were in the lesson and the family hadn't been too engaged in the lesson (they were eating), then the the member started bearing her testimony. She said that of all the things that she could give to her family, of all the gifts this is the most precious, and the one of greatest value for her. And that since it was her greatest gift and blessing it is her duty to give it to the people around her who she loves. It was just really cute, and really sincere, really simple, and really powerful. Both me and Soeur Tehoiri were struck by her testimony. At that point the family started asking questions, the lesson was really great, we fixed an appointment, they came to church already and will come again next week. It was just really amazing of the member, and if everyone in the church had that attitude about the gospel the church would be doubled in size in 1 year.
The other story makes me look bad, because no lie, the lord had to pratically hit me with a hammer to make me follow the spirit, but I never claimed to be perfect. So we decided to take a break from teaching Nalde, because she stopped coming to church, or keeping any committments. And just a few days after the decision we ran into Nalde on the street, something that is not common here, and I have never ran into her before. So we said hi, and how are you? But kept going. A few days later we ran into her again! And we sat by her on the train and talked for a bit, asked how her life was, and then got off at our stop without making an appointment. (I know, I sound stupid). Finally we were doing planning that night and me and Soeur Tehoiri were talking about it and were like 'how weird we keep running into Nalde', then a long pause, we look at each other, no words needed to be said, we picked up the phone and called Nalde. We didn't know what to teach her this time, but we were like, this really clearly needs to be done for some reason. So we get there, and Nalde had a friend there. 2 minutes into the lesson the friend starts listening, then she starts asking questions, then she grabs the book of mormon out of Naldes hands and asks if she could have one because she would like to read it, as we were leaving she fixed anappointment with us. It was really wonderful walking out of there and knowing the reason for why we had be sent back. And it was a huge testimony for me that the gospel is for everyone, and if the Lord wants to give someone a chance to find the gospel he will get you to them! Even if it takes several times.
And believe me, i'm going to work on not being so oblivious. :) Love you all! Have a great week!

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