Monday, February 3, 2014

Well i'm 22 now, offically an old lady, yet I find in my old age I am still lacking imense amounts of wisdom, and its not always evident that i'm old. (evident, that's a word in English right? I forget, but its a phrase in French). This week I spent a lot of time pondering a lot of things, one of them is conversion. We had a zone conference with Elder Kearon where he talked about how a missionary needs to know how your amis need to feel to be converted, so that started me thinking. Then we had many members say to me and Soeur Tehoiri that it is sometimes harder for somebody born in the Church to find their testimony than people converted, so that also had me thinking about it.
I'm not going to sit and share my conversion story because 1. its not super important right now and 2. its extremely personal and I don't love sharing it over the top...or at all.... But it had me thinking about my conversion and the conversion of people that I have baptized, or helped on the way to baptism. And each conversion is so different, as I started thinking about it, yet so similar.
For each person is was a certain thing, a specific little principle that shot right to their hearts and pierced them. I know the thing that was mine was completely different from all my amis. Yet it was a truth that pierced their soul. The Holy Ghost testified to them that this was the thing, the truth. The more I pondered that the more overwhelmed I was by the power of the Holy Ghost. For one of our amis, Candida, it was the actions of the members that was the thing that testified to her. For Agathe it was tithing, for Emma is was the evidence of the spirit in our church meetings. Such different things, things that probably wouldn't be the first thing that touched my heart. And it just astounds me how the spirit testifies of all truths. I thought at the beginning of my mission that the ami just had to read the book of mormon and that was what the spirit would testify for, but each person is so different, and the spirit is going to testify to them about a thing that is specifically for them, because God knows them specifically. And it was just a testimony to me that Heavenly Father knows each of us, and he is going to give us things that are just for us personally. I know that with all my heart,
I saw that last week with our ami Laetitia, she is 22 and the typical French young adult, she completely doesn't understand the law of chastity, or why marriage for children is so important when we first explained it. But something had touched her heart in the message that we shared with her, something about our church pierced her soul. And that is why she is continuing to take our lessons and coming to church. And it is incredible that the one piercing of the spirit can guide someone on the path through all the lies that Satan has thrown at you.
Sorry that got long, I hope everyone has a great week!
Soeur Jackson.

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