Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Well this week was an interesting week. Honestly the beginning of the week was really slow and I almost started feeling like I wasn't even doing missionary work, I was doing nothing. Emma was in the hopsital so we didn't get to see her at all. Not completely discouraged, but slightly getting there. Then Friday we do weekly planning, and as it is the first Friday of the transfer we set goals for the next 6 weeks at the end of the planning. When we finally arrived at this point I looked Soeur Tehoiri in the eyes and I said 'Soeur Tehoiri I had had a dream the last night and that I know that this transfer we will see miracles, but more than that, I know that we will find a mother with children who was waiting for us' (rarely do I like to fix specific goal like this, unless I feel very strongly about it). And she was like 'okay, that's great!!!! Let's do this!! Now tonight do you think you could dream of the ville that she lives in so that we can find her?' So we wrote down the goal, and we prayed and finished that planification.
Then Saturday we scheduled a few hours for porting in a new area, in the first hour we found 2 mothers both with 3 children that we get to go back and see this week. Then that night we went and did service for a member, after she drove us home with a friend of hers, who after the member dropped us off she fixed an appointement.
Then Saturday at church we had some new members I had never seen before so I went and talked to them. Apparently the husband had been someone that was an old ami that I had recently called that hadn't been to the church in a bit, so he and his wife were at the church and his wife as a friend that she has to take lessons with us that we will start this week. 
Then! That night we had finished our rendez-vous and had an hour left, so we went to find a member who hadn't been church and a woman with a stroller came up and asked us how to find somewhere. So we just walked with her to show her the way, just talked about things, where she was from. As we dropped her off at the Marie, she was like 'I would love to have your number and meet with you so that you can share your message', she has 4 children.
It was such an incredible weekend. And it was evidence to me of many things. 1, when you work for the lord eventually you will get your reward, not always at the beginning of the week, but without a doubt the Lord will send blessings your way. 2, keep working!! If I had remained discouraged, or that last hour went home early because it was cold, I would not have found those people. 3, fix inspired goals and have faith in the Lord!! 4, the lord will create a path for you when you follow the spirit and are acting on his behalf. And 5, the Lord loves me, but more than that, all the people around me.
Such a great week! I hope each of you have an equally awesome week!! Love you all!!
Soeur Jackson.

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