Monday, January 20, 2014

January 13, 2014

First off, wow i'm missing the temple this week.
Now down to buisness. Next week is transfers and normally I wouldn't be transferred, I would stay with Soeur Tehoiri for one more, but apparently EVERYONE thinks differently. All the ward remembers think i'm leaving next transfer. And so I was talking about it with Soeur Tehoiri because anything is possible, and she said she'll call president and cry, it was really cute. Its possible because this last transfer a girl was hospitalized and had to go home, and another sister got her visa and left so President had to do some emergency moving of sisters, and there is now a ville where there aren't any sisters right now, so we'll see...kind of hoping I stay, because that it just the thing that makes sense, and I would love to finish training Soeur Tehoiri. But i'm pretty sure I will, that is just the logical thing.
But more importantly than transfers is this weekend we will(should) have a baptism!!! Her name is Emma, and she's pretty amazing, she is of course Africian :). We met her 5 weeks ago, she was at church on Sunday and said she'd been looking at different churches to find a church with the spirit. :) And so she's getting baptized. She's been one of those 'golden amis'. We taught her the plan of salvation, and we used these little pictures, and at the end we motioned to the pictures and asked her what she thought of the plan. And she was like 'well if we have this knowledge, then obviously there is a god, and obviously he want us to live with him again one day'. In my head I was like 'and that is why I am here.' And when we taught her the Word of Wisdom we introduced it and were like it is pretty important and a commandement from God, and all that, and started with alcohol, and she just took it from there and was like 'of course its bad to drink alcohol because then you get addicted and it takes over your life, and then where is God? Its the same with smoking and drugs'. No kidding, I sat there with my mouth open for a minute and was like 'well yeah, that's it, okay, (close the brochure)'. So its been pretty awesome so far. And the baptism this Saturday! Its kind of awesome because my goal for Soeur Tehoiri was for her to have a baptism in her first transfer so that she would have the attitude that she can get a baptism all during her mission, and the Lord just prepared a golden road that leads straight to that goal. Love it when the Lord works miracles.
So that is pretty much the crowning miracle right now, we are really excited for it. :) Keep being awesome and have an awesome week, love you all!!!

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