Sunday, January 5, 2014

 A Little Blessing
Well along with all the other miracles of Christmas, Soeur Tehoiri and I are getting a baptism. Although it wont really count as ours because she is 8 years old, but we have been teaching her, so we are counting it in our hearts.
Her name is Christina, and her family just became active 2 months ago after years and years of inactivity. So since she hadn't ever really been to church we have got to go teach her about the gospel. It was really fun teaching an 8 year old, and definately a learning experience, because you have to change everything and keep it extremely simple for a child. And aside from the lesson we had to have about how she wouldn't be under water for an hour and drown, or how God is going to ressuscité each of us it has been really great watching an 8 year old gain a testimony and learn of all these things. 
One of the best parts though was after the 2nd lesson she started praying that she could be spiritually ready for baptism, and that was when she started really understanding. It was kind of amazing to see an 8 year old understand the Celestial kingdom and have that goal in sight. She wants to live there with her family for eternity, and now she nows that baptism is what it takes she really wants to be baptized. It is adorable, although she's really concerned that her sister who is 4, wont be able to live with them in the celestial kingdom because she isn't baptized. It has been amazing to see a child understand the truth, without all the details. It is the little things, that really couldn't matter in the grand scheme that so many people can get caught up on. And for this child it just took the simple truth, of the first vision, of the holy ghost, of the plan of salvation, and she knows what she had to do to live with God again. She has gained her own little testimony, despite being 8, and she is ready to put her faith in the lord, even when it meant she would drowned in the baptismal fount.
So this Saturday we will be having an 8 year old baptism, that finally showed to me the truth of what Christ meant when he said be as little children. So excited.
Hope everyone has a great new year!!
Gros Bisous!
Soeur Sarah Jackson.

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