Monday, January 6, 2014

The Power of Prayer
Happy fête des Rois!!!! I hope you guys all have a wonderful one!
Before I tell you my story this week I have to tell you one of the best lines that my funny little Tahitian said, I had just finished explaining what subjunctive was in English, its WAY harder in French, and after about a half an hour she says 'oh I get it. Wow Soeur Jackson I have no idea how you learned French, in fact its French that's hard and English that's easy'. and me 'YES!!!' haha

We had some really cool things happen this week, but one thing that really stood out me was something that happened during fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I have had some incredible experiences during my mission where I have seen miracles happen from prayers, its crazy, its like prayer works or something ;). 
So for the whole month of December every night when I said our prayer to finish our day I prayed for a member, Soeur Balloum and her son. So one Sunday at the beginning of December I was talking to her and she mentioned that she had a son that she hadn't seen in years and that is very closed to the fact that she's a member, and that it makes Christmas really hard for her that she never gets to see her son. So we prayed everynight that for Christmas his heart would be softened. And in testimony meeting Soeur Balloum stood up and told a story about how Christmas is always hard for her, and she prepares herself every year for it. So on the 29th she had her other children over for a Christmas party, and heard a knock at the door, who could it be? It was her son and he brought all his all his family for Christmas. It was the first time she had had him and his family at her house for many years. It was an incredible testimony builder to me, once again, the power of sincere and constant prayer.

Also Christina got baptized. It took two dunks, and each time she came out and took a huge gasp like she's been held under for 5 minutes, but eventually we got there. haha She was so happy, but even happier was her mother. It was really special.

So that's a little taste of my week. I hope you guys all have an awesome beginning to the new year! Love you all!!

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