Monday, August 4, 2014

Hello everyone!!
So this week was a fun week. We had our microwave start on fire, it exploded from the inside. It was fun. We got to call our district leader and he answered the phone and made a joke, all laughing and we were like 'hey hypothetically if our microwave was on fire, what would we do?' And he went dead and serious and into buisness mode. Elders are good for something!! haha That was adventure one of the week.
Then we had a really great experience with this lady called Jeanette. She is a new ami, so it was our first time teaching her, and she's from Congo! I'm pretty happy about that. we're going to a fun African party chez elle, and are going to eat foufou! I'm so excited. But we taught her a quick lesson about prayer and reading the book of mormon. She took the lesson really well, and just had so much respect for us. I love how Africans love that we are servants for the Lord. Then at the end of the lesson we asked if we could finish with a prayer, and she said yes, and then she kneeled. It was the first time on my mission i've had someone kneel before the missionaries, and without us asking. It was such a beautiful moment. She is just a wonderful person, who honestly wants the help of God in her life. It was just such a precious moment for us to say a kneeling prayer with this woman who so willingly fell to her knees to ask God for help. She really has a beautiful spirit.
So it was a nice week. We had some sick days in the apartement, but when we weren't we were having beautiful experiences. Love you all! Have an awesome day!! 'ere you left your room this morning, did you think to pray?'
Soeur Jackson

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