Monday, August 18, 2014

Well I think this week came one of the biggest surprises of my mission. I will be moving back to France for the last 6 weeks of my mission. 20 sisters left this last transfer, and some of them were unexpected, so they are closing several sister villes. And they are closing all the villes in Belgium to sisters except for 2, so my area is closing and i am being shipped back off to France. Suffice it to say I cried. Just having 6 weeks here, and now just going and having 6 weeks in La Mans. It breaks your heart a little bit, because you cant really get to know people in 6 weeks. So that's it.
On the even crazier side, I am officially in the last transfer of my mission, 6 weeks is all that left of my time here, it still feels like it will never end, so i'm not that worried about it.
Other than the shocking transfer news we had a good week. We met with a lot of members, we are saying our goodbyes. I haven't started with our amis, i'm too scared, I think i'll cry. Its hard to leave because I feel like there is so much more than I could do here, and I feel like they still need sisters here, oh well, apparently the Lord has decided otherwise.

One miracle we had this week though was while searching for a less active. We had planned to see this less active weeks ago but couldn't get out to her ville on the night we had planned. And then we had another night where we'd planned it out, but we didn't feel right about it so we went out porting instead. Finally on Tuesday night we felt like we should head out there, so we changed our plans and got on a bus and knocked on her door without calling ahead. She answered and she looked SO shocked to see us standing at her door, but she let us in. And after we said the prayer she said 'its amazing you just knocked on my door today'. We asked why, and she said 'I few days ago I actually said a prayer and told the Lord that maybe I was ready to start coming back to church'. It really was such a huge miracle for us to see the Lords timing, and how he really is in the details. He kept us from going just for a few weeks until she had decided that she was ready, and then he sent us. She thought it was amazing to have such an answer to her prayer. And even though I wont be here to help her progress and get back to church i'm so grateful that I was able to be an answer to her prayer.

So that is the little miracle, from this little missionary, who had just a little time in Belgium. Have a great week everyone. Miss you all.

Soeur Sarah Jackson

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