Monday, August 11, 2014

You know sometimes you get sick of people canceling your rendez-vous, and you get sick of everybody hating the 'mormons', and then the icing on the top of the cake, one day last week we were on a tram, and this guy starts harrassing us, then as he's about to get off he starts yelling and swearing at us. I've heard stories of people like that cursing and yelling in public places but that was the first time on my mission.
So after all that I did what any normal, sane person would do. I bought a huge ice cream cone and fries, walked out onto our balcony and cut 9 inches off my hair.

The past few weeks there has been hardly anybody at church because of "vacances" the big vacation time in europe. So everyone is gone. So the missionaries give all the lessons and the talks in sacrament. This week I got to teach etenal marriage in Relief Society. Missionaries are taking over!
But our investigator Odette came to church yesterday! Which was awesome because we hadn't been able to see her last week and the fact that she came without us asking her this week was incredible! We were really happy to see her. The members were all so great to her. American members know how to fellowship an ami. haha 

And this Saturday we were walking down the street and I went and contacted this lady and as I started to say 'hi my name is Sister Jackson' she stopped me and was like 'i know, I already know your church'. And I was like 'oh great, bring up polygamy'. But she had met the missionaries years ago but then had lost contact with them. She had met with them, and really liked them. So she gave us her number and even her email address to get in contact with her. It was just nice to see the Lord give a tender mercy at the end of the week. I didn't even have to say my reason for being here, let alone my name. But because of the example of missionaries years ago she was so happy to meet with us. I hope one day i'll have created that miracle for a future missionary.

On a not spiritual note, today we went to NATO. Coolest thing ever. We have some members that work there, its pretty legit. I don't have any pictures because they took my camera, because its all secret and cool. haha And we ate in the NATO cafeteria for lunch with men in uniform all around us, basically I felt like a cool important govermental person. I have now decided that I want to be the Supreme commander of NATO, did you know that he is always American? So that's pretty much my future dreams now.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Love you all!!

Soeur Jackson

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