Monday, September 1, 2014

This week is a testimony of when it rains, it pours. Little does satan know, that missionaries even go out when its pouring. This email is going to be short, i've got a little bit of a fever, so its giving me a headache to write for a long time.

But one really cute thing that happened this week was a lesson we had with Laura. Laura is a young girl who was baptized a few months ago and so we are just re-teaching her all the lessons. She is preparing for a mission, so she has lots of questions for us. But we taught her about the Restoration, she of course already knew it. But then it turns out that she had been studying Joseph Smith because she had a friend that asked her some questions about it. So she asked us the questions for the answers to give to her friend. And she said it was perfect timing. Then on Sunday she gave us a little card that was a thank you note, saying that the missionaries were her heros and she hopes one day to be like us. It was probably the cutest thing i've ever gotten from a recent convert.

Sorry its short, I promise a better email next week. Love you all. Have an awesome week!!

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