Monday, September 15, 2014

Well this week we got to watch a special broadcast for the women in the European area. I would recommend that all women who read this watch it, because it was awesome. And Elder Bednar even made a joke, and then of course he called everyone to repentance. Here is the link, seriously if your a lady and have 2 hours to spare, watch it:

This week we had a cute experience with a family in our ward. They have an inactive son who smokes and drinks and has tatoos and never talks to the missionaries. Soeur Lusty said they had tried several times to talk to him and that he was always kind of mean to the missionaries. So on Saturday we went and ate lunch with this family, and he was there, so during the meal we were casually chatting and I asked him if he was going to marry his girlfriend, who was a member of the church, and somehow that brought us quite nicely to talking about the church. :) So we got to give him a little lesson about how he jumped out of the boat, and he even sat for the prayer. It was really fun, the whole family had fun together, and he was really nice to me and Soeur Lusty. And so we invited him to church, and he came!! 

But the best part was after church, the ward was having a linger longer so we were sitting at a table with all the young people. They had about 3 young adults from the ward, the 4 missionaries, and him. And he was surrounded by missionaries, and laughing. And at one point we looked up and saw his parents were just standing there watching him with huge smiles on their faces. They looked so happy, and his dad looked like he was going to cry. It was priceless. They told us thank you about 10 times. And even their son told us thank you for the love he felt from us.

It was so sweet to see the family all united and happy. And it was really great to see that this young kid could feel the love the lord has for him through us. That is what we were praying would happen. Its amazing how much the Lord loves each person, and as a missionary I have really felt him give me a part of that love for people that I dont even know, its incredible to feel it.

So that was our tender mercy from the Lord this week. :) I hope you all feel the love that the Lord has for each one of you. And my love too!!!! Have a great week.

Soeur Jackson

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