Monday, March 17, 2014

Well its official, somehow I have become a really organized missionary, and the misisonaries that were here before weren't. So basically we have spent a whole lot of time organizing this ville. Like really, creating member books, going through 150 random numbers in the phone (yes, somebody threatened to call the cops on me), and maping out everyone in the ville, its been crazy, but good, so it will be a lot better for future missionaries who come in.

We had a really fun thing happen this week, first I think I should state, in case i forgot last time, did you all know that I can teach men in this ville?! So so so weird.
So to the story, we went over to eat with a member, Mata, she is Tongan and recently active. We are teaching her son william, who is tongan and her husband Ramu, who is French (and he is a rugby player here). So we get there and they had another little family over (by little I mean huge, as you can see from the photo). They are the family Swanepoel, The dad is another rugby player on the same team as Ramu, and the family is from South Africa. And let me tell you, they had the most beautiful accents. Anywho, they have 3 little kids and they are just so cute.
So were sitting there eating and Mata starts talking about how her daughter (who is black) sang 'I am a child of God' for the talent show at the church, and the mama Swanepoel, georgette, was all 'do I know that one?' So we sang it. :) And then starting talking about the church, and it was really cute the questions that they asked. And the member just told about how everything is run, with the primary and everything, and that I can translate if they need help. And the dad Booky was all, 'you know we believe in Christ, but we just haven't found a church here in France, so my wife just does the prayers with our kids each day. It would be really nice to go.' Oh you have to love those golden moments like that. And we invited them to our Easter Egg Hunt activity in April, and they are so excited to come. 
So we found a lovely new family this week. Sometimes I feel like Heavenly Father is like 'i'm just going to throw you a little miracle right now', I don't know that I deserve them, but I sure do love them.
So this a picture with me and the 2 rugby players, Ramu is trying to look tough, but he's really sweet. And Booky, the big curly haired one is just the funniest guy I have ever met. It was a fun night, plus we had BBQ. :) So basically in this lesson we had French, Tongan, South African (white), African (black), and Americans. Only in France.

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