Monday, March 3, 2014

Well its officially the opposite of Belgium! haha and for Catherine Scott this is really going to mean a lot! haha I'm going to.....
Saint Nazaire!!! Literally right by the ocean, completely opposite direction of Belgium. I get a nice little companion who is all new on the mission (the poor girl gets me).
Its cool, but sad, yesterday was hard saying goodbye to everyone. I got the honor of bearing my testimony twice. In sacrament, and at the beginning of relief society. The 2 elders who are leaving Evry with me weren't very happy because I was the only missionary allowed to give a testimony in Sacrament. I'd feel bad....but I don't.... haha
So my goodbyes are said, pictures are taken, I only cried a little bit, and I plan to return to this ward in October. ;)
Love you all! Have a fun week! I have to go pack.

Sorry, I forgot, here is the address :)
4, rue Pierre Mend├ęs-France
44600 St. Nazaire
Feel free to write me :)

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