Monday, March 24, 2014

First of all I have to start by telling all of you (MOM) that we had a zone conference where they talked about cleaning your apartements, and I was used as an example of a missionary who was really clean. :) Feel free to be slightly proud, i'm one of the cleanest missionaries.
Anywho, enough of how perfect I am. ;)
This week was a good week. It didn't have the most perfect start, but it had a really good ending. Soeur Sorenson was a little sick, so we got to spend some time in the apartement, so I got some time to think, here are my thoughts.
So i usually have a pretty good vision of the things i need to accomplish in my area before the transfer is done. And I knew what I had to do here, but due to a little complication with the Branche I was finding the task really really difficult. Honestly, I started thinking I couldn't do it, which isn't something I often let myself do. Its just I had planned it out and tried, and not succeeded as planned. So I wasn't sure how to proceed, and then comes Zone Conference. Oh the joys of inspired leaders. So we get a new method of doing misisonary work during the Easter season, that I think is going to just work miracles, we are so excited to do it. But also they gave me a direct solution for our problem. And so we got home from Zone Conference that night, and we started doing. We got together with the branche council and we worked it out, we've talked with the members, we've fixed RDVs. I feel a lot better when I have a plan of action to follow.
So we put that into action Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. We are making it really clear to the members that we have a plan of action, and that we are making sure that they are all going to be involved in the plan. And what happened Sunday? We got 2 coordonnées from members. Two numbers, where the members have called the person and asked if they could give their number to the missionaries and the person said yes. It was kind of wonderful. And other members have named specific friends that they are going to talk to. It was just a little moment where you see that sun ray piercing through the clouds.
So that was the miracle of my week, it was a precious moment for me. :) Love you all, and I hope you all have a little sun ray through the clouds during your week! 

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