Saturday, April 5, 2014

You might ask yourself, when do you know you are in a very small branch?
I will tell you, its when 1. You do the minute missionary in both Priesthood and Relief Society. 2. Conduct relief society because someone from the presidency hasn't shown up yet. 3.Play the piano in relief society. 4. Then when still no one has shown up to teach everyone looks at you to teach. 5. Get volunteered in Gospel Doctrines class to explain the passover. 6. Give a talk in sacrament. And 7. Hold a meeting after church to explain to the members the new plan with the stake. It was a very very long Sunday. haha
But we had a really good week, some really cool experiences happened. One of them we were walking down the street and there was a lady walking on the other side, she had short black spikey hair, lots of piercing, all in black, and she had a TINY little adorable puppy. So subconsciously I made a little sound and bent down and started playing with the puppy. He was so cute! And so I started asking her questions about him and we got into a whole conversation. Then she asked why we were here, and in the end we ended up teaching a whole lesson to her, and at the end we were talking about prayer and she said she never prayed, and we were like 'well if you want to know there is a god, you need to pray', and she was like 'yeah, I guess if I never ask, he'll never give me an answer'. So we said a cute little prayer out on the street and right after we finished she asked if she could give us bisous! It was so cute! She's so cool, in a tough way. Although her name is Marion and she didn't get my joke about Robin Hood, so clearly we need to work on that.
Then a few days later we were porting an area and this man came out, and he said he was athiest, and usually someone says that and then slams the door in your face (in a gentle manner). But I asked what he thinks is going to happen after this life and he's all 'I don't know, nothing'. So we starting testifying about eternal families and the words 'I hope' slipped out of his mouth. It was the cutest thing, then he said that that is a good way to live, believing in that. :) So we taught him some plan de salut, and he said we could come back and share the message with his family.
Such simple little conversations, and yet they bring you so much joy each time. :) Its pure happiness when you contact someone and you connect with them because of your personality.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, start getting ready for Easter!! We are on the mission!! 
Love you all.
Oh, and this week will officially mark one year on the mission. weird.
Soeur Jackson.

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