Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hey hey hey, so sorry that i'm sending this out a day late. We are doing mass apartement renovations, so much fun, they will continue for the next 2 weeks.

We had a lot of FHEs with the members this week. It was something all the mission of France was doing, so the members really jumped on board. We had one with the family Swanepoel, they are the adorable family from South Africa. And we shared the message about Christs atonement and his ressurection, and before we could get to the invitation to come to church Georgette asked us 'what time are your services on Sunday?' With a huge smile we told her.
And right as sacrament meeting was starting they walked through the door. With their 3 adorable children. I got to sit next to them during sacrament, and at the end I turned to her and said 'So Georgette, what did you think of the meeting?' And she had such a peaceful smile and said 'Oh it was lovely. We really needed this, it was such a good thing we came today'. It was such a lovely moment. Even with all the little children screaming throughout the meeting they still felt the spirit, and they felt peace from being there.

Also a couple of weeks ago we found a long lost non practicing member and had a rendez vous with him! All of the members were like how in the world did you get him? Honestly we just called him haha and sometimes thats all it takes! Ever since that we have met with him 3 times, he has been to Family Home Evening, and church for three weeks, he even sang with the priesthood this Easter Sunday. It was kind of a testimony to me that all some people need is an invitation, some love, and some faith. And also a good dose of follow up. haha

Easter was fabulous and we were invited to Easter lunch at a members house so we were well fed :) We ate a lamb named Pascal. haha
Thanks for all your prayers and love! Love you all!!!

Soeur Sarah Jackson

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