Monday, April 28, 2014

Theme song of the week: I get knocked down, then I get up again, you aint never gonna keep me down.
I think that song perfectly describes our missionary week. Satan was taking some pretty low blows.
So our church got grafitied, twice. We got called a cult more times than I can count. A beloved ami said that there was no way he was ever touching our blue bible for the mormons..hmmm...what else.....Moving on,

Sooooo wonderful miracle of the week.....we've been continuing to teach Allan our ami who is awesome and he really wants to get baptized but has had a few problems with his family agreeing. But we've also  been teaching his girlfriend, Cindy, whose brother is 2nd ccouncelor in the branch presidency :). It's been so great teaching them together and they are so so sincere. Allan is already almost finished with Alma in the Book of Mormon!!! So this week we thought and prayed a lot and invited them both to be baptized, and they both accepted! It was actually way cute because Allan was like yes I would love to be baptized. And then he turns to Cindy and he's like 'the two of us, together'! Oh my Soeur Sorenson and I just melted in our chairs it was the cutest thing in the world. Really for how he said it. And Cindy is such a sweetheart though and she really wants to study it out in her heart and pray for an answer about being baptized. She agreed, but she said she needs to really read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, and we were both like 'yes, yes you do'. But her and Allan were at church on Sunday, and they fit in so well with the Branch. I really have a lot of faith she will recieve an answer and be guided by the spirit to make the decision. We are very excited about them and we're going to work hard with them.

And we had a lovely lesson with the Swanepoel family, they are the South African family we are teaching. They are like fascinated by missionaries and what we do. And so they were asking a member about us, and she gave them 'The Other Side of Heaven' to watch, and told them that this is the sacrafice that the missionaries make. So funny. So i'm excited to talk to them about that.

And that was pretty much our week. Sorry that was two long emails for some of you. :)
Have a wonderful week!! Love you all!!!

Soeur Jackson

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