Monday, April 14, 2014

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!! In a few days.......
I'm pretty excited for this week. I swear French people are nicer during Holidays, so i'm pretty ready for this Easter thing to start happening.
We had a fun week, lots of drama, with ups and downs. So we have a REALLY old apartement, and lots of broken things, so the boss man is coming down to do a whole lot of fixing in a few weeks. But he didn't make it in time, and the lock broke. But big problem, it broke with us on the outside of the door. It was the biggest joke, I stress ate A LOT of baguettes this weekend. And we had to pay a whole lot of money for it (the church is going to reimburse us of course), but it is a problem because I need money for legality, I have my appointment on Tuesday, and if I don't pay I don't stay. So there were a whole lot of phone calls going around. It was fun.
Then we had some other experiences that were a little hard, sometimes things just happen that break your heart. And you cant understand why someone would hate something that you love so much, but you just got to roll with the blows I guess.
But its all good because we had some really great lessons this week. And I refuse to stay on the sad things when good things are happening too. So one was a lesson with Gaƫlle, she's a 24 year old French girl. So cute! She laughs so much. So we had our official first lesson, and the last time we left her a brochure for the plan of salvation, and so when we got there we asked her if she read it. She lit up! She was like 'I don't like reading, but I read it all in one night, and then I read it again'. And we were like 'great! Do you have any questions?' And her response? 'No, in fact this brochure answered a lot of the questions i've always had'. She was so happy. And we were like, well were going to talk about it just in case, to make sure that you really get it all. And she taught us the plan of salvation. She loved it! It was all new to her, a pre-mortel life, satan, why we are here. She loved it! I'd never seen someone just glow like that. And her husband was there, and he just though we were all adorable. And at the end of the lesson she was like 'do you have any other things I can read?' and we were all 'why yes, yes we do'. It was really great.
And it was just a reminder of what this message can do for people, how happy it can make them. It was a precious moment for me.
I hope you all have precious moments this week!! Remember what we are celebrating!! The atonement and ressurection of Jesus Christ, the only way that we can live with our families forever, and return to God! The reason we have eternal life! He died and he lives! And I will try my hardest to serve him. Happy Easter!!! Love you all!!!

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