Monday, May 26, 2014

Its official, Soeur Sorenson is leavening. :( But i'm getting Soeur Finneran, who comes from Davis County, we went to Davis together, so that should be pretty fun!

But this week was such an awesome end to the transfer. Saturday we had Williams baptism, a young boy who is in one of the part member families in our branch. It was awesome to see how happy he was. We had a great experience teaching him and he is such a good example for his family. At the baptism he bore his testimony, and it was his decision to share his testimony. We actually hadn't even asked and he came running down the stairs one day and was all 'I have my testimony ready for my baptism!' And we were like 'great!' haha 0it was only about three lines but the spirit was so strong. His mom was so proud of him too and she also bore her testimony, crying a whole lot. And then he sang with us during the baptism for the musical number, it was so cute. It was really a precious moment for their family and for everyone who came. It was special to see how happy Mata was to see her son make the decision to be baptized. She is a good mama :) 

Unfortunately our lovely Swanepoel family couldn't make it to the baptism but we were still able to see them!! They are in the middle of a lot of decision making right now and after talking about it all for awhile I suggested that they both get blessings after church. And we explained how it can be for guidance and comfort and they were like oh that's exactly what we need. Sunday was really special, they both got blessings after church and afterwards the spirit was just so strong and had really touched their hearts. Georgette was like ahhh it feels so good that's exactly what we needed. :) Also we had a lesson where we talked about temples and how the reason is to have families sealed together forever. They started gloaing, and asked what they had to go to go to the temples and be sealed together for eternity, and you should've seen how much joy was on their faces when we talked about that. Serisouly this family never ceases to surprise me, they are the most loving, good-hearted and open people. Wonderful people, they are getting baptized one day! Soon, hopefully!

So those were the big events that happened this last week! Eternel perspective! haha You've got to keep it, its what gives you the greatest joy in life. LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a great week!!!

Soeur Jackson

P.S. Everyweek me and Soeur Sorenson have switched off which one of us writes the mass email, so that we only have to do it once every two weeks. Have you noticed? Can you guess which one of us is which week? haha

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