Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh what a week, Satan is throwing curve balls, but luckily President took pity on us and let us go to Planet sauvage today!! Probably the best P-day I have ever had in my mission, it was magical, I petted a zebra. And dad, I got to feed like a whole herd of Emus. :) Wonderful.

We had some interesting things this week. But one thing that was a huge backwards miracle for me was our lesson with Gaelle. So we showed up and she was acting really weird and different, so we asked her what was wrong. She had heard A LOT of bad, and some of them crazy things about our church over the week. And she said she wasn't going to let us come back, because it made it sound like our church was a cult. (hate it when people say that!). Anywho, she said that her husband sat her down and was talking to her about us, which was a miracle because he has never been really pro-mormons. And he said how do you feel when the Sisters are here? And she said wonderful. And he told her that she should let us come back and explain if she feels good when we are there. And she said it was that spirit that made her invite us back. She felt the spirit when we were there, and even after we left she felt the spirit. It was really a testimony to me that the spirit speaks louder than the forces of Satan. It was definately a miracle.

Then another miracle that happened was we had a hard experience, and so during lunch break we were in the apartement and I was sitting there praying asking the Lord to just send help. I actually had the audacity to demand a miracle (3rd time in my life I have done that, so it isn't too often). And right as I said amen the phone buzzed, it was President Poznanski :) I felt so loved. 
So at the end of the day I said a prayer that we could be an answer to someones prayer like that. Then the next day me and Soeur Sorenson were sitting at a bus stop and I said 'I think we should text Soeur Poisbeau' and her head shot over and she was all 'I was just about too!' So we texted her, and Soeur Poisbeau text back and said that Satan was trying to tear her down. So we ran over, sang with her, I left her my favorite talk and we left. The next Sunday in sacrament Soeur Poisbeau went and gave her testimony. She said that she had had a week full of trials, and she had been feeling really weak, so she went into the bathroom and she prayed for help. When she came out of the bathroom her phone buzzed, it was us. Its such a small thing when the spirit whispers someones name in your head, but when you listen to it and follow it its such a miracle to see how the Lord unfolds his plan.

So that was my week. I'm so excited to skype in 6 days!!! WOO HOO!!! Love you all!!!

Soeur Jackson!

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