Monday, May 12, 2014

This week was a really cool week. We went and visited an older lady in the branch who is not active, we have been visiting her a ton. We started reading the book of mormon with her and gave her the challenge to read 5 verses a day, which she has more or less been doing. So during our lesson we talked about it and it was really a great lesson. About half way through we asked, Soeur Rousslet, how do you feel when you read this book and she looked at us and was like sometimes when I am reading I just want to cry. And we asked why she thought that was. And she said 'I don't know, perhaps because it pierces me right here' and touched her heart. The spirit was so strong and we decided to invite her to church again hoping she would finally come back after many years of inactivity, and this Sunday she came to Sacrament. When a certain member saw her she walked up to her, gave her a huge hug and they both started crying. it was wonderful. 

Saturday we basically met the whole rugby team for France haha. We did service for Mata whose husband is on the rugby team. It was her 3 year olds birthday party so we helped her set up for that. Oh my goodness though the men were so huge! And all their wives were so pretty. I felt like I was on a episode of basketball wives haha its real people! It was another awesome oppurtunity though to talk about our church and about what we do as missionaries. Also the Swanepeol's were there and I just love them so much!! 

So our miracle for the week. This Sunday if you count all the less active members and non members of our church, we had 13 come to church!!! And normally about 25 members come. IT was amazing. Soeur Sorenson and I were so happy! Sitting in that sacrament I thought 'life cannot get better than this'.....then I skyped. It was a great week. 

I know God lives and loves us so so much and I am so thankful to share that with these people as best I can! Have a great week!! LOVE you! Skyping you guys was the best thing ever!!! Your all looking so beautiful!!! Have a most wonderful week!!

Soeur Jackson

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