Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This week was a really interesting week, interesting miracles.

So as many of you know we aren't allowed to contact men on the street, its against mission rules. So Soeur Sorenson and I were just walking down the street contacting people and walked by the pizza stand, so we stopped to smell it and talk for a minute if we were going to buy anything, but then just decided to keep walking. So about 2 minutes later a man came running up behind us, and we were like 'oh crap, creepy French man'. But he asked if we worked for the church and we said yes. And he said he would love to go to church, we totally weren't sure if he was serious. But we gave hime the address to the church and took his number to give to a member. We had the member call him and give him directions to the church and then didn't hear anything .Then while we were in Sunday school Soeur Sorenson jerks up and waves someone in, it was him! His name is Alé. So he came to all of church, and at the end we got a rendez-vous with him, and asked him what he thought about it all, and he was like 'I really liked it, I felt something'. Coolest thing ever. I almost couldn't believe it. Its just not normal for men to contact us girl with the actualy desire of going to church! haha It was really great.

Then we have another ami, Anne-Claire who was an old ami of the Elders and she didn't want to see the missionaries. She just came to church, but didn't want to meet with the missionaries at all. So a few weeks ago she text us to see if she could meet with us! And every week since she has text us for a rendez-vous. Its been really great. So we decided last week to invite her to baptism, we only did a soft baptism invite, not with a date. And she she said, 'Oh I was already baptized', so we had to go back and explain Priesthood authority. And she asked if her baptism would work, if she would still get into the celestial kingdom. And I hate telling people no, because baptism is still a good thing. But we did, and invited her to be baptized by someone who has the authority to do it. And she said 'yes!' it was really great. She was at church, and she looked so happy, it was really nice.

So those are two miracles that we had this week! Next week is transfers! Soeur Sorenson will be out of here, its really sad, I love her guts. 
I hope you all have a great week! Love you lots!!!

Soeur Jackson

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