Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde from sunny side up beautiful saint nazaire!! things are popping like apricot trees up in here and we are melting like popsicles on a scorching hot black top!!! I guess when the Lord asked us to hasten his work, he also asked the weather to turn up the heat to help us out! ;)  haha ok for reals now...it was a good week! (yes, this was from Soeur Finneran, she thinks she's gangster).
   On monday and tuesday we had the lovely privelege to go to Paris to pick up Soeur Finnerans legality card. Since we were there for our P-day we got to explore some of the beautiful historical sites, such as: The Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Chipotle, and the well known Paris metros. But most importantly I got to sleepover with Soeur Sorenson! It was so great to catch up, 4 weeks without seeing each other was way too long. We had a wonderful little trip. We also got to do exchanges with our lovely STL's this week, and after go to the farewell conference of President and Sister Poznanski. Tears might have flowed (from Soeur Finneran)...but the spirit was present, especially with the last remarks from Soeur Poznanski. We were uplifted and reassured of the eternal nature of the relationships we develop here on the mission. I really will miss the Poznanskis after all the things they have done for me. I think it would be impossible to name all the times they have helped me on the mission and all the good that they have done for me. But I am excited to have the Babins come in, and see what they do with the mission.
   The last story I will share with you today is that of the family home evening that we had with the Hemon family and our friends Ludovic and Ambre. We went to the Hemon's and they are a lovely family! Normally we go into FHEs with the mindset that we will do the spiritual though and they will provide some food. But the Hemons were so prepared, it was adorable. They have assigned children to do spiritual thoughts, prayer, make a dessert, and a game. Many stories were shared on personal conversion and thoughts on prayer. Ludovic even shared a personal testimony on prayer and it was powerful! Ambre was touched and even expressed that she has "a thirst" to know more! It was a testimony to us that family nights are so powerful and help our friends develop good relationships with the members. It is a good model for us all, they really were awesome, and everyone had so much fun!
   Thank you for all your prayers and kindness! I love you all! Have an awesome week!!!

Soeur Sarah Jackson!!!

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