Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everybody were in Paris this week! Get to do some legality for Soeur Finneran, so this email will be short because I want to go do some fun things this pday in Paris!! 
Also just to start off the email with some wonderful news!! A bunch of people filed multiple law suits to stop the progression of the temple, so it hasn't really gone anywhere. But! Last week the French courts passed everything! They were all shut down, and officially the construction of the temple can start. Elder Andersen was here for it, in 2 years France will have its temple!! Were pretty happy about that.
Another cool thing that happened this week was a rendez-vous that we had with the non pratiquant, Ludivic, the cool guy who contacted us in the street and his girlfriend. We got there before his girlfriend and so we were sitting in the hallway waiting for her and we hear the gentle sounds of Mormon Tabernacle Choirs 'god be with you till we meet again'. We just started laughing. So apparently Ludivic had done a mini-mission. He really is an awesome guy, but because of his dad he fell away. Darn those parents.
But we were teaching his girlfriend, Ambre, and asked her about her beliefs and she was all 'I believe in God, but how do you know which church is the true one?' :) So we told her about the young man who had the same question. And then Ludivic bore a really good testimony. He may be inactive, but he has a testimony. It was really a special moment. They'll be sealed in the temple in 2 years. ;)
Sorry that's all the time I have. But have a great day!!! Love you all!!!!

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